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Air Parachuting Colibri - Dare Freefall Europcar Martinique

Europcar has set up a partnership with ACP (Air Skydiving Colibri) for your enjoyment.

Discover a unique activity in Martinique, Freefall! The feelings it brings are now at your fingertips. Décourez the Martinique Island flower like you've never seen. Capture this unique moment above the Caribbean on and off with your video report and photos in full HD quality on a USB stick.
Adrenaline maintained at all safe with professionals free fall.
A unique instant thrills you'll never forget!

Contact our partner: 0696 184 984

At the General Aviation area of the airport Martinique Aimé Césaire, discover a unique activity in Martinique with Air Colibri Parachutisme.com. Freefall and sensations they provide are now at your fingertips: Discover the Island of Flowers as you've never seen. Capture this unique moment above the Caribbean with its beautiful colors. Adrenaline assured safe with professional skydivers. DARE the plunge! 45 seconds of freefall at 200 km / h.
Since late May, Air Skydiving Colibri, a Martinican company, inaugurated the baptism of freefall tandem parachute Martinique. A new and unique activity in the island, accessible to all. Thrills, adrenaline and security guarantees.

Contact us
Customer service : 05 96 42 42 42
Booking service : 05 96 42 42 53
Assistance 24/24h 7/7j : 06 96 45 97 83

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