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Jet skiing in Martinique

Martinique is the place to go for great lovers of sports. Formula that is both practical and original to discover the most beautiful treasures of the coast of the island, this nautical activity promises real thrill. In practice alone, with family or friends, without moderation.


Supervision by a professional

In Martinique, sea scooter rides are supervised by certified professionals. For jet skiing safely, you must first contact a specialized operator. See you in Le Carbet, Le Vauclin, Fort-de-France, Trois Ilets or near Lamentin with car hire in Martinique. In addition to having a fully reliable equipment, you will be accompanied by a qualified guide during your trips at sea. Before you embark on this unique adventure, you will obviously briefed. sea scooter rental agencies will offer a variety of forms, ranging from a walk of 30 minutes to a full day with lunch included, so you can enjoy the adventure and the island in all its glory.


Diamond Rock

In Martinique Diamond Rock is at the top of the best sights for jet ski enthusiasts. You will engage you and for about 2 kilometers from the tip of the diamond for a boat trip, to point you in the St. Lucia channel. During your break in the sea, you will have the privilege to circumnavigate this uninhabited island. From its 175 meters, it will seduce you with its exceptional beauty.


Anse d'Arlet

Anse d'Arlet is also full of hidden treasures to discover during a jet ski ride. Discover the wild coves of the island and a number of picturesque fishing villages. You can even accompany your stroll with a diving session. If you're more adventurous and curious kind of let yourself be tempted by a visit to the Cave of Bats. Located near Anse Noire, this shallow cave full of bats that you can safely observe while they sleep during the day. You only have to look down to see a population of white sea urchins sea urchins and black snakes majors; real aquatic treasures.
A rental car in Martinique will take you to the exceptional spots in Martinique to indulge in your favorite board sport.

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