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Practice kayaking in Martinique is a great way to discover both flora and fauna, while having a great time on the water.

The kayak is a small boat with two paddles for propulsion and steering of it. This is a sport that invites all of your muscles, you choose your pace.
This practice alone or with others, to the river or the sea, with family or friends ...
You have, in most cases, the ability to choose your path. You can then explore the islet of your choice on board your kayak.
Kayaking practice in both the North and the South of the island.
Head out with your car hire Europcar Martinique south to a quiet peaceful stroll amid the turquoise blue water, and then prefer the North for a ride to challenge the winds and the waves to discover secret beaches very few realize.
Tips: Make sure you bring a hat and sunscreen to avoid sunburn.

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