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Martinique: an ideal destination for the lovers of wind surf.

With its 200 km of coastline, Martinique offers a multitude of sports to practice Windsurf without moderation. The followers of this sport high adrenaline rush will benefit from various bodies of water, optimum navigation conditions and a dreamed sunshine.


Optimum weather conditions for windsurfing

From its location in the Caribbean, Martinique offer from December to June of ideal weather conditions for the practice of windsurfing. During this time of year, the weather is looking good, with Alizee blowing fairly regularly. The followers of this winter sport will find on the façade and the Caribbean island, including Carbet Schoelcher and Saint-Pierre, and slightly to the south of the island, that is to say in Sainte-Luce or Sainte-Anne, fairly quiet and peaceful area, perfect for beginners.
You can get there driving one of the vehicles offered by a car rental agency Martinique. Waves and winds as the most agitated wanted by windsurfers hardened regroup for their part in the Atlantic coasts of the island. The nautical base of Vauclin presents an original spot ideal for beginners or experienced riders with a unique situation that presents in an enclave exposure to wind and limited waves and a more wide area (beyond the barrier reef ) where conditions are optimal to catch the wind and have fun in the waves.

Windsurfing spots in Martinique

Fort de France is one of the windsurfing spots of the most popular and most famous of Martinique. The site is accessible every day, to the pleasure of windsurfers. Other Windsurf spots are added to that of Fort de France, notably the Pointe Faula. This also corresponds to the requirements of beginner surfers with its shallow water, as those more experienced who will benefit from a lagoon that stretches for several kilometers. L'Anse Michel, known for its shallow, or Vauclin that is other than the place of appointment of slalom and wave riders, just waiting for you.
Island paradise in the Caribbean, Martinique is a popular destination for lovers of windsurfing. A formula car hire Martinique
will help you go to one of its most beautiful spots Windsurf.

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