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The runway Paille Castle, a dream ride.

Here is a new hike that will explore the southern end of Vauclin at Chateau Paille.

New route ...... Time : 2:30

After parking your rental car in the parking lot dominating the UCPA center, locate the course layout explained on this starting point, and simply follow the boundary; We begin by borrowing a savannah path, which is actually the coastal path, lined with trees such as gum, pear, aloe will see, with incredible views of the sea and on the peak Faula.
                       Course tag                              The route of the tip of Vauclin                               Fishing village
               Fishing village                                   Panorama during the ride                                  Aloe vera
                  Gommier                                           The Mangrove                                        "Petite Grenade"

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