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Bread with butter in Martinique: Invitation to the traditional creole

Among the local sweets to be discovered by crossing the island (on board your rental car if you are on vacation) in Creole food, such as "amour caché" guava or banana pie, macaroons, doucelettes, white room, coco flan, bread with butter, stands out. It is neither a bun or bread, usually in the form of elongated braid, its really different texture, with a very open crumb, saltier than sweet, made from a bread dough with butter, and each has its recipe remains a popular local traditional specialty of Martinique, being part of folklore and customs of the island.

The classic braid

Traditionally prepared by the families themselves, and served "to first communions", accompanied by his inseparable Creole hot chocolate, it has established for other occasions for family celebrations such as wedding, christenings, Christmas day New Year, carnival, Easter, and continued to seep to find themselves on the tables, for consumption, in all sorts of gatherings such as zouks (dances), receptions, becoming inevitable and essential for those warm moments..
It is found even now a little all the time and everywhere, in the shops in its most classic form, in bakeries, artisans can give him all sorts of art forms.

Artistic forms ...

So the invitation is made to you during your trip in the streets of FDF after taking care to park your rental car, you quickly will spot the creations of the pastry chefs that will amaze you, and put your taste buds alert, think that Martinique, it is not just the short fish broth!
If you think the bread with butter is too big for you, linger on "pomme cannelle" made like bread with butter, she eats usually at breakfast individual, it recalls the shape of the fruit that bears the same name, also renowned in Martinique that the growing eastern metropolis !!!

Origin of the custom ... the famous "butter bread ..."

The day of First Communion is a great day for a Christian, wearing his traditional white clothes for the occasion, the communicant, sits down at his home before the ceremony, it was his day, and the "meal it is served ", was offered as custom requires, a piece of bread in butter with chocolate communion ... what a delight, just before joining his comrades catechism to church like him who were treated this little ceremony ..
Originally, this chocolate recipe, was done without milk, and water for economic reasons, water thickened toloman flour or maize.

Hot chocolate bowl and the portion of bread butter ...

Today ... they can be enjoyed on any occasion ...
Bread butter is used at the end of every festival, around 5:00 am, to serve the guests that it is closing soon, this small to share more before returning home in the early morning, is accompanied by a good thick hot chocolate, cocoa, flavored with cinnamon nutmeg, vanilla and lime, which strengthens and is aphrodisiac, before letting the guests you may have a part, heading back in the rental car.

To share

Restaurants, more and more numerous, value this cultural indulgence by including it in their menu card, which gives tourists the opportunity to taste it. So during your stay and when you travel, rental car on the side of Vauclin, a restaurant in the neighborhood "La Coulee d’or", it employs.
Each has its own recipe, transmitted by mom, grandma, uncle, and each adds his personal touch, making it unique.
Here unveiled the surprise,
A unique recipes...
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 35 minutes
Ingredients (serves 8):
- 1 kg of flour
- 150 g butter
- 25 g of sugar
- 1/2 liter of milk
- 10 g salt
- 25 g of baker's yeast
- 3 whole eggs
- 1 egg yolk
Preparation of the recipe :
Sift the flour in the bowl of the mixer, add the softened butter and the 3 whole eggs.
Dissolve in cold milk 125 g yeast, add salt and 25 g sugar.
Pour the cold milk on the preparation and mix until very smooth. Wrap the dough in a damp cloth and reserve 1 hour in the refrigerator.
Form the "bread" by reserving a small ball of dough for decoration.
Make the decorations according to the inspiration with the remaining dough
Brush the surface of the bread with egg yolk dilute in some water and let rise at room temperature for 45 minutes before putting the bread to bake in a moderate oven 35 minutes.

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