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Cooking fish martinique


The Caribbean Martinique's cuisine is characterized by a variety of typical dishes (mainly based on seafood), exploding odors, spicy and colorful flavors.
The fish are thus plays a major role, very popular with locals who are large consumers, it also makes the satisfaction and curiosity of tourists in terms of gastronomy.

Fish most common kitchens

The number of enrolled in the activity of fishing in Martinique remains important. The town that counts the most is that of Vauclin, located southeast of the island. If you should happen, to reach this wonderful village, rental car, do not miss, after parking your rental car at the port to get to know the fishermen, you learn by talking, as the fish is d an exceptional flavor, due to its freshness (catch of the day and direct sales). Thus you will discover the names of the most used in Creole cuisine wonders. Trap or coral fish, such as snapper, captain, parrot, Sardinian, carengue and steaks bream, shark, tuna, wahoo.


Going back in your hire car, your only desire will be to put you in search of a nice local restaurant, which will not be that difficult to find, to taste in a warm, traditional and authentic meal made of fish. And why not a court bouillon!
West Indian dishes have in common to marinate the fish in a seasoning (chili, onion, lemon juice, wood of India ....) Before cooking.
If however you want to cook for yourself, here's what you need to succeed:


-500 gr of fresh fish Vauclin
-2 Large tomatoes
-5 Branches cives
-3 Garlic cloves
-1 Small chilli, lemon, thyme, parsley, salt.
Clean the fish and cut into pieces, soak in the marinade 2 hours.
Saute chopped chives and diced tomatoes in hot oil, add the fish and juice with 1 glass of water, thyme, parsley, and chili, careful it does not break! Salt.
Cover and cook over low heat 20 minutes, released pepper so that it breaks, and serve on a plate with rice and vegetables countries like yam, "Dachine", breadfruit,

So !!! Enjoy your meal !!!!

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