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Culture and grows fruit in Martinique

We have presented various exotic and tropical fruits that are the richness of Martinique and you may need to discover during your various escapades driving your rental car on local roads or markets. Now we offer to learn more about their culture and places where you might be enjoyed.



After our presentation of tropical fruits and exotic fruit from Martinique, one might think that Martinique is full of fruit throughout the year. Well think again! Here are the fruits that grow mostly harvest seasons. 



Although considered exotic, some products (banana, pineapple, mango), now part of a standard range of a range of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets. All listed fruit can not be exported, some do not support the trip, for two main reasons:
The first is due to the mode of transport or its duration: 2 routing modes are from Martinique to the mainland, we borrow either plane or boat. Fruits that went by air experience the shock of the depressurization added to temperature changes, which result affect the flavor of the fruits by altering their flesh. Cold is the enemy of exotic fruits, they must be stored between 12 and 16 °. Boat transportation takes time, the fruit must be picked before ripening, place them mature in cellars boats, so they will be less flavorful picked too early because they will receive less sunlight. For these two reasons, lots of fruits consumed locally in Martinique, have much more flavor than those who underwent the trip.
Fresh "pomme cannelle", soursop, the country cherry, caïmit, can not be picked before maturity, but they matured very quickly, usually blacken and rot during the trip.
Other fruits, they can not be exploited because of the quantity produced which does not allow to consider profitability. Others are not more because they are local varieties that have a culinary interest to residents but not necessarily for metropolitan and thus for exporters: cythère plum, apricot countries, guava, which are represented only on spot. In summary, one unique fruit is exported massively: the banana which is the first export product (300,000 T / AN). This activity uses advanced techniques, however, is threatened by competition from "dollar bananas", South America. The pineapple was also an export crop, but the industry collapsed after the bankruptcy of the Morne Rouge fruit processing plant in 2007.



If outside Martinique is known to be a land rich in tropical fruits, many boast our productions. But in department stores, apples from Europe and grapes from Chile are flooding the shelves, conversely, many local fruits, have become not found or rare and not represented in supermarkets except for the most classic. While a significant part of local consumption escapes the traditional sales channels.
The many fruits in individual gardens are often offered to neighbors, families and friends or sold on the roadside to tourists who travel the country in a rental car. However Martinique is still very far from fruit-sufficiency. At issue monoculture of bananas. Import of fruits from Europe, neighboring islands and Latin America, however, is necessary to meet the fresh needs of the local food industry (juices, yoghurts, jams ...). The fruit of Martinique agriculture faces the same challenges as the rest of the sector; aggressive pests, land scarcity, costs of production.
How to enjoy this abundance of exotic fruit? Do not get the wrong season, rent a rental car and travel the roads and markets, dare to make surprising discoveries unearthing gems and especially first taste of curiosity and gluttony at this 100% fruit treasure MARTINIQUE . Eat local fruits, do not be deceived! The taste difference is so great that you never get tired of buying daily, delicately placing them in your rental car, just enough time to find a paradise beach to eat greedily watching the sea .... .
Many fruits consumed in the country have more flavor than those who underwent the trip, then come to the fruit "matinik 100% LOCAL" ...


By rental car, passing through the town of François Clément Rhumerie by visiting, be sure to go for a walk in the adjoining orchard for Housing, you will find many of these fruits, including a very old mango tree and a tamarind ageless .....
Continuing your way, heading south, by rental car, on the road of Vauclin, you must stop at the village "AN TAN LONTAN" to be guided in this shady walk which will end with a tasting home juice.
The natural garden is integrated into the coastal vegetation of the south of the island. It is opposite the islets of François and offers a magnificent panoramic view. During the ride, the guide traces the life of our grandparents in the years 50-60 in Martinique campaigns. : Guided tour of the trees and plants of Martinique, many of which are becoming rare. The Arboretum is lovingly planted and cared for by a couple of enthusiasts. For your rental car, 'pani problems ", parking is at your disposal along the road below.
Finally, thanks to your rental car, you can go visit some farms specializing in fruit growing as "AN GRYAV'LA" to Robert (towards the Green Prè).

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