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Distilleries of Martinique: beautiful treasures to discover!

The distilleries in Martinique amply worth visiting on your trip to the island of flowers. You will discover the different techniques used in the manufacture of local rum to the global reputation.


St. James Distillery

St. James is unequivocally one of the most famous distilleries in Martinique. St. James is also the oldest brand of rum from Martinique still active. St. James distillery opened its doors to visitors wishing to discover not only the history of the rum but also the manufacturing processes of this famous rum in the world. Visitors are sure not to go to the Creole house site that museum. It traces the history of rum and the manufacturing processes in Martinique. You will also find vintage rum production machinery, engravings and old advertising posters.

La Favorite

Born in 1842, La Favorite is also one of the oldest distilleries still operating in Martinique. This still uses rum manufacturing tools using steam. Since World War II, La Favorite Distillery became the property of the family Dormoy. Be aware that the name of the distillery was awarded by King Louis XV. Having appreciated the quality of the drink received from travelers returning from Martinique, he decided to nickname him La Favorite. Today, the white rum La Favorite is considered like the mildest of the island.


Installed at the foot of Mount Pelee and facing the Caribbean Sea, the distillery planting Depaz is also a reference in Martinique. Near to the town of Saint-Pierre, former capital of Martinique, it is now the last distillery in activity among a good fifteen rum factories that manufactured up to 10,000 liters of rum daily. Under the impact of a number of reforms to standardize the production of sugar cane and rum production, many companies do not have sufficient financial resources to comply had to close their doors. To save the work of his grandfather Victor, Andre Depaz partnered with Bordelais family group Bardinet, customer longtime Depaz Distillery, and then with the new owner "La Martinique."
By visiting this historical site accessible through a formula car rental Martinique, you will discover the oldest steam engine of the island, exceptional exhibits in the museum of steam and a paddle wheel. A carriage will allow visitors to travel around the cane fields and move the distillery to the site of the castle in more and original conditions.
The distilleries are inseparable heritage of Martinique. You can visit them easily with one of the vehicles offered by a car rental agency Martinique.

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