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History and traditions


Martinique and its creole jewelry

When we speak of Martinique, it is almost impossible to ignore its Creole jewelry. On special occasions, women in Martinique wear their finery with pride and elegance.   ...

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Carnival programme fort-de-france 2016

                PROGRAM CARNIVAL 2016   subject to change   Appointement ...

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Pottery in martinique

Besides its beautiful beaches and splendid natural sites, Martinique also forge its identity on its culture and traditions. If you want to make a trip placed under the sign of authenticity, why not ...

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Discovering the hat bakoua martinique

The Bakoua isif we can say so, a typical hat of Martinique. Made of Pandanus leaves, it is ubiquitous in daily life of the local population, both in the life of everyday or on special occasions. ...

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Kassav, the history of the famous zouk group

Kassav :   The story begins in 1979 with Pierre Edouard Decimus-who decides to renew the music of carnival and out of its folkloric image ... He recruits with Freddy ...

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The history of martinique housing

Visit Martinique, is to appreciate the richness of a unique natural heritage of its kind. You will discover a local habitat heavily influenced by a succession of several parameters, including ...

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The lasoté and agriculture in martinique

The Lasoté is an inseparable spirit of agriculture in Martinique. More than an ancient practice, it is a mixture of culture and ...

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The bèlè, musical culture of martinique

The Bèlè is one of the greatest riches recorded in the cultural heritage of Martinique. Finding its sources in the lives of slaves arrived on the island in the mid-1800s, this highly ...

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