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Kassav, do you know the history of the famous zouk group?


The story begins in 1979 with Pierre Edouard Decimus-who decides to renew the music of carnival and out of its folkloric image ... He recruits with Freddy Marshall, another musician Caribbean, Jacob Desvarieux confirmed guitarist Georges Decimus, bassist, and other musicians. This new music is in the Caribbean, funk and rock ... She's alive and dancing.
The first Kassav album, entitled "Love and Ka Dance" was released in 1980 and launching a new music genre: zouk. It quickly a success. The second album "lagué moin" also released in 1980 for the first time with the singer Jocelyne Bernard.
Kassav released her third album in 1981 and since August, are the first representations of the group in the Caribbean, with two dancers Laupa Catherine and Marie-José Gibon.
In 1984, with the album "Yélélé" the reputation of Kassav explodes and goes beyond the borders of the West Indies. The band performed in France in 1985 and early 1986, celebrates its first Gold Record in front of 40,000 people gathered in Guadeloupe. Rewarded with a Victoire de la Musique for Best Group in 1988, Kassav is now internationally known.

The first steps in the cinema in 1992.

The members of Kassav take various roles in the film directed by euzhan palcy "Simeon" they write and perform the theme song.

In 1999, twenty years after ...

This is the opportunity of a compilation "Best of 20th Anniversary" and a concert at Paris Bercy with 32,000 spectators. Kassav concerts continues until early 2002 before taking a year off. The group is no longer quite the same, but in 2004, Kassav is back with fourteenth album "K'Toz".


2009 and thirty-year career.

On May 16, the group invests the Stade de France in front of 65,000 people. DVD "Live at the Stade de France" and a triple album "Saga" immortalize this grand anniversary.


Did you know ?

Cassava, the zouk group derived its name, is a cassava flour pancake.
Reserve your rental car in Martinique and find everywhere on the island, the Caribbean traditions that are largely responsible for Kassav.

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