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Martinique and its Creole jewelry

When we speak of Martinique, it is almost impossible to ignore its Creole jewelry. On special occasions, women in Martinique wear their finery with pride and elegance.




Necklaces occupy an place in the list of typical Creole jewelry Martinique. The first we note the collar-chou characterized by its famous gold grains. Each ball is composed of two half-spheres streaked same diameter welded to one another. Formerly, this gem was doing with a skirt and was 3-4 times around the neck.
Placed at the neck, classic collar or necklace, the necklace consists of a succession of oval mesh, hollow and nested. On each pair, the presence of a smooth knit and a corrugated mesh is observed.
Accompanying mainly the large robe, the necklace "Gros syrup" is a succession of two double welded mesh and nested together. In general, this type of collar round the neck and censers.

The bracelets

In general, women in Martinique wear matching bracelets to their collars. However, some models come exception. This is among other round rushes, flat ring and slave bracelet. The first bracelet is characterized by a succession of half-circle rows of gold grains on a chain. Unlike the first strap, the flat ring is significantly wider and has in some cases a few units or a track at its outer face. Slave Bracelet well named, since it is none other than the golden replica of the original. It even has a clasp and chain end from recall the mesh of the slave chain.

Jewelry "head"

Women in Martinique also enhance their beauty with hair ornaments. You can easily see when your road trip by rental car in Martinique. Structured with a succession of three small circles or a crescent moon with a few stones, gold pins are worn as genuine hairpins. Grouped in pairs and connected by a chain, they are usually placed at the back of the head to sublimate a cap. The trembling pin also involves a hairstyle, but this time at the front of the head. It consists of three golden nets connected by a twisted golden grain.
A rental car in Martinique will allow you to explore the many wonders of the island

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