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Pottery in Martinique

Besides its beautiful beaches and splendid natural sites, Martinique also forge its identity on its culture and traditions. If you want to make a trip placed under the sign of authenticity, why not explore the world of pottery in Martinique?


A constantly evolving tradition

For several centuries, pottery occupied an important place in the culture and traditions of Martinique. Indeed, the first Native American occupants began to exploit the countless clay deposits of the island to make various objects for everyday use. The practices and techniques of Indian pottery were transmitted from generation to generation and were later enriched by the typical methods of the African and Western culture. The arrival of the colonists then allowed to expand the use of pottery in the manufacture of bricks and tiles for the construction of permanent houses on the island.

Village Pottery

To discover more its fascinating history and the practice of pottery in its authenticity, go to Trois Ilets, specifically the Village Pottery. To do this, just take the road between Riviere Salee and Trois Ilets Martinique with your rental car. You will be amazed to see the oldest pottery activity of Martinique. This was primarily a former Jesuit house converted into sugar in the 17th century, before becoming definitely pottery in the 18th century. You will perceive even fully active potters and traditional pieces of pottery treasured.


The Argile Men

Men of Clay is an integrated carnival group potter landscape of Martinique. Native of Trois-Ilets, he was born in the early 90s Its members are distinguished by their very original look. Unlike Neg'Marrons, of nèggwosiwo or mas-a-Kongo that coat the soot body, they pull their game by covering with soil. During the shows in which they participate, they perform the traditional laying motionless statues, like real living pictures.
Martinique is an island that has everything to please. After seeing the scenes of his pottery, discover its most beautiful natural sites with the assistance of Martinique car rental agency.

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