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The Lasoté and agriculture in Martinique


The Lasoté is an inseparable spirit of agriculture in Martinique. More than an ancient practice, it is a mixture of culture and agricultural know-how. The rhythm will be waiting for you! By attending this unique event, farmers have the chance to do a sort of homecoming in joy and good humor, and, in a particularly friendly atmosphere.


A spirit of solidarity

In Martinique, the Lasoté is a value representative of the Martinican culture. He advocates above all the spirit of solidarity. Indeed, when a farmer needed to plow his land, he appealed to his neighbors and friends to make this team work and in rhythm. It is thus a practice used as a motivation. Instead of working alone several hectares of land over several days, he was surrounded by his neighbors and friends to do the job in just a few hours.
Today, the Lasoté is still practiced on the Caribbean coast of Martinique. Go for a car rental Martinique Fonds-Saint-Denis to discover the authenticity of this practice. Old tradition passed on to younger generations, the Lasoté also encourages them to take the hoe and promote thereafter the consumption of local products. A Lasoté is always accompanied by a small farmers' market. By attending, you can also give a "helping hand", take the hoe and party!

Agriculture in rhythm

The Lasoté brings together some twenty farmers who move, hoes in hand at one end of a field. In general, they go online. The master drums, that is to say those who will set the pace and lead "the event" will in turn move to the other end of the field. Drums master will give the pace and encourage farmers online till the soil from the bottom up and to practice what is called ridging. Three criers will launch the verses, while three ti bwa players run on a bamboo cane. Other presenters will blow into conch conch. After appropriate pace, farmers will plow the land with a vengeance to the rhythm of the words "Lévé! Féssée!”
A car rental agency will lead you to Martinique Fonds-Saint-Denis to discover the practice of Lasoté.

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