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The Martinique is subject to huge "plugs" in rush hours, here are some tips for you to avoid them.

During your excursions or trips by rental car, we recommend that you leave very early in the morning (before 7:00) and for the return, to avoid the hours of work outputs of synonyms at peak hours (17.00-19.00).
The most sensitive areas are traffic jams in the South (Rivière-Salée, Sainte-Anne, the Marin, the Trois-Islets, ...) and the Lamentin (Brasserie Lorraine, Highway, Airport) .
Another point, the roads in Martinique are very winding and sometimes steep slopes and / or narrow. We advise you to remain vigilant and adapt your behavior to the circumstances.
Finally, pay special attention to the biker. Bikers and cyclists are very common on the island we advise you to stay alert when you double or that you approach them with your car hire Europcar Martinique.

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