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The sainte luce beaches - martinique

Quiet coves and furnished, the municipality of Sainte Luce welcomes young and old, to enjoy the sun feet in the white sand, swim in the turquoise waters, shady walks but also a complete Health Course. ...

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The ruins of château dubuc

It is the third most visited site on Martinique, then a visit not to be missed. All the ruins and grounds are protected as historical monuments since 1992.     ...

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The fort saint louis : fort history

Historical monument since 1973, the Fort Saint-Louis is an integral part of the history of Martinique and especially its capital city Fort-de-France.     The ...

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Martinique beach: anse dufour and anse noire

Martinique Beach: Anse Dufour and Anse Noire   L'Anse Noire and Anse Dufour: two beaches of Martinique to discover.   In the southwest of Martinique, ...

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Sainte marie and its exceptional sites

Sainte Marie is a city of the north-east section of Martinique, on its Atlantic coast. Your stay will give you the privilege to discover exceptional sites like the famous tombolo.   ...

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New zoo for martinique

  It had been over 25 years since our island no longer had zoo. Under the leadership of a group of investors Guadeloupe, Martinique has now again its zoological and botanical ...

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The clement habitation labeled "remarkable garden"

The label "Remarkable Garden" created in 2004 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication with the support of the National Council of parks and gardens designed to recognize and value the ...

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Discovering the creole houses of martinique

With many colors, Creole houses in Martinique appear to be frozen in time. Making a reminder of the colonial period, they are now one of the greatest treasures of the architectural heritage of ...

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Drive in the north of martinique

The Martinique has many faces, sometimes seaside with its beautiful beaches, luxuriant because sometimes with a rainforest in the heart of its land, sometimes volcanic dominated in the north ...

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The mangrove of martinique: a mysterious world

The beaches with fine golden sand, turquoise sea, exuberant forest and its rich history, offer to ...

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Mountain vauclin

The town of Vauclin never ceases to surprise us ... Other treasures are to be discovered as the mountain of Vauclin ...     Mountain Vauclin ...

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Diamond rock: an admirable rock from the beach.

Diamond Rock offers an exceptional show to all lovers of beautiful scenery. This rock, located south of the island of Martinique, ...

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The mount pelee

The massif of Mount Pelee, the highest point of Martinique with its 1397 meters, located north of the island is an active volcano. Its most violent eruption in 1902 that ...

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The beaches of macabou ... heavenly!

The beaches of Macabou ... heavenly! By rental car, leave the village and take the N6 towards the the south to the Marin, after passing wind, take the high road on the left which is very chaotic, ...

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Sainte-luce between land and sea

The town of Sainte Luce got its name from its patron saint, Saint Lucia. It is the third town which formed the trio of town with Diamond. ...

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St.pierre and the caribbean pearl

St. Pierre and the Caribbean pearl Part 1. This week, Europcar Martinique takes you for a trip through time, because the town we suggest you visit is strongly marked by the imprint of ...

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Martinique and the famous mountain of the supine woman

Located in the town of Diamond, the mountain of the supine woman is a site of exceptional beauty that deserves a visit during a stay in the southwest of Martinique. You will be amazed to see ...

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