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Discovering the Creole houses of Martinique

With many colors, Creole houses in Martinique appear to be frozen in time. Making a reminder of the colonial period, they are now one of the greatest treasures of the architectural heritage of ...


From the hut the Gaulettes huts

The huts were the first forms of homes in Martinique. In Native times, the Arawaks lived in huts of villages arranged beside a river or next to the beach. The village in question was then composed of a main hut called Carbet which centralized common life. He was then surrounded by smaller huts called ajoupas have rather served to rest.
In the north of Martinique, typical Creole houses were built with natural materials. They were indeed covered with coconut leaves, vetiver or sugarcane. The settlers then were inspired by this type of housing to build the famous rustic huts to a room. These are the "Gaulettes huts" with facades of branches "ti-baume".

The evolution of the construction

Over the years, the rustic Creole houses have significantly evolved. The facades gradually parent boards while the tiles gradually replacing plant cover roofs. The most modern boxes equip themselves for their part of a cemented base. In urban areas, the Creole houses are built with the same story. This is the "town houses" built with a ground floor cement and wooden floor. Added to this is a wooden or wrought iron balcony.


The Creole houses of Savannah Slave

Enjoy your car rental Martinique to go to Trois-Rivières, and specifically to the Savannah Slave and enjoy the beauty of the typical Creole houses on the island of Flowers. During your walk, you will dive into the authentic atmosphere of a village "Lontan Antan". By going to the countryside of the Three Islets, you will see the reconstruction of housing and lifestyle Neg Maroon slaves who decided to flee the plantations to seek refuge in the countryside.
A car rental Martinique Trois-Rivières allows you to explore the typical Creole houses of the Island of Flowers.

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