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Martinique and the famous mountain of the supine woman

Located in the town of Diamond, the mountain of the supine woman is a site of exceptional beauty that deserves a visit during a stay in the southwest of Martinique. You will be amazed to see the shape and topography of this mountain and its surroundings curiously reminiscent of the forms of a woman recline on the back.


Le Morne Larcher

Morne Larcher is a symbolic site of Martinique, for two reasons. Aside from the fact that it is in perfect alignment with the Diamond Rock moved to 1.75 km in the sea, it represents an important part of the mountain of the reclining woman. It is in fact the face of this structure. When installing you the specific points of view as Sainte Luce From Marin, Sainte-Anne, Rivière Salée, or Rivière Pilote, you clearly see that the top of Morne Larcher is the chin of this famous woman.


Go for a hike

Contemplate the panorama of this woman supine mountain is certainly exciting but you can also go for an unusual adventure, while hiking. The top of this mountain remains inaccessible to walkers. However, you can still go up to 400 m from the heights of the village of Petite Anse. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the bay of Diamant and his rock, and much of the south coast of Martinique. To go down you will pass through Anse Cafard about 1 kilometer.


A spectacular sunset!

Use your rental car from Martinique to admire the superb spectacle of sunset on this natural curiosity. Every day, the sun will eclipse the bottom of the horizon just below the chin of supine woman. Do not miss this show for any reason!
A car rental Martinique will lead you to the best view.

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