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Mountain Vauclin

The town of Vauclin never ceases to surprise us ... Other treasures are to be discovered as the mountain of Vauclin ...


Mountain Vauclin and the Stations

With its 504 meters, of Vauclin Mountain is the highest point in the south of Martinique, south of the town, 5km from the town, traversed by rental car, the ascent offering pleasant views. It will take you park your rental car on an improvised parking, and continue the walk. This spot is also easily accessible by bicycle which can be a good warm up for the ascent ahead.
At the top a chapel was built there and an incredible view over much of the island awaits you. The week before Easter, this hiking trail with 12 stations (white cross), is one of the most popular cross roads of the island.
                  Panorama of the summit                                             The chapel of the Mountain

The domain SIGY, course of the combatant ......

In your rental car, on the way back to the village of Vauclin, you will find the stadium, SIGY the area that offers, in a 2-hectare park, several courses for kids and experienced athletes adults or no.

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