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New Zoo for Martinique

It had been over 25 years since our island no longer had zoo. Under the leadership of a group of investors Guadeloupe, Martinique has now again its zoological and botanical garden set in an enchanting, finally accessible, it opened July 17, 2014.
His situation :
It is located on the northwest coast of Martinique, between the Carbet and Saint Pierre, 2 minutes, by rental car, near the cove Turin, in the residential Latouche, unique part of a historic site, already welcoming land of a botanical garden and butterfly garden.
The species :
In a green setting in the heart of the valley of the Habitation Latouche, the zoo is home to animal species come from around the world: the Caribbean, Central and South America, Africa, Australia and Europe
It is in this idyllic location that houses both animal species (over 400). The first residents arrived by plane in Lamentin in convoys bit special: a male jaguar over 75kg and 3 spider monkeys, pink flamingos and other macaws colorful, cockatoos and wallabies (small kangaroos), among others. Other species will complement slowly this big family like green alligators for example.
                       Howler monkey                                                                           Jaguar
                  Lorikeets rainbow sky                                         Pink flamingos
                                         Racoon                                                                                     Wallabies
                                                                                  Green crocodile

The park :

During the development of the Park, the course has been designed so that it is accessible to any kind of audience, and for the comfort of visitors. No problem to park here, your car rental. So in this part of the natural environment and historical heritage, pontoons of wood, carbets, tropical greenhouses and views, crisscross the route.
The park is open every day of the year from 09:00 to 18:00 and adult fare is € 15.50 and for children of 3-12 age: 9 €

The house Latouche

Founded in 1643, probably the oldest house of Martinique, for over two centuries, the activities are many and varied, cocoa, tobacco, sugar, rum .... The May 8, 1902, the plantation is destroyed, but the remains are numerous and attest to its great power. The barrage or dike, imposing building, is unique. The main residence was surrounded by a French garden at the center of which was sitting a water jet. Today this house is a place to discover a pleasant stroll fitted around these ruins, it also invites us to ride around in a botanical park dominated incredible cacti and all traditional cultures. It hosts the butterfly garden, conservatory of species that can observe them in their natural environment. And recently became the home of the new zoo of Martinique.
Want to spend a family day out to discover many animal species in the unique surroundings of the residential Latouche, ideal for slipping into the history of Martinique and its evolution through the ages, head of Carbet in rental car and come.

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