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The beaches of Macabou

The beaches of Macabou ... heavenly!

By rental car, leave the village and take the N6 towards the the south to the Marin, after passing wind, take the high road on the left which is very chaotic, down the road, once at the crossroads, you turn right, and either you decide to leave your rental car to the parking lot, or it will remain on the side of the road. To reach the beach of "Little Macabou" you have to walk 30 meters through the sea grapes. You will then discover this beautiful handle of soft white sand. The place is idyllic, and is sometimes marred by seagrasses often deposit thick carpets of algae on the shore. Smells being felt more or less strong, make them less hospitable surroundings bathers. But this place remains charming for its beautiful scenery and water quality worth the trip.
L'Anse Grand Macabou, away from home a few hundred meters to the south, this beautiful wild beach is a treasure, preserved because it is inaccessible, 2 ways to get there, follow the path from the Small Macabou beach, you will come to the end, dizziness, so the view is awesome. Beach Grand Macabou, offers far more imposing than her sister ('4 times greater) wide Notre Dame des Marins, the small chapel, exposed to the Alizées, the cove sees good waves break on the sand gilt edged tall coconut trees giving the impression that they were planted as they follow the curvature of the beach, few raisiniers complement the surrounding vegetation, offering us all the necessary shade, coconut abound on the ground, and cowards crabs when you are approaching are part of this dream setting.
Another way to directly reach this beach, dry weather, take the right path at the equestrian center (500metres after leaving the N6: Ranch Macabou); For those who love horses, equestrian centers thanks to being on the road, you will be able to gallop on these beaches.
Petit Macabou
Grand Macabou
Grand Macabou

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