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The Clement Habitation labeled "Remarkable Garden"

The label "Remarkable Garden" created in 2004 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication with the support of the National Council of parks and gardens designed to recognize and value the parks and open to the public gardens and the design, plants and maintenance is a remarkable level.

In 2015, the Habitation Clement won the national label, which comes primer its 16 hectares of gardens open to the public.
The garden of the Habitation Clement should be construed as a collection of different plants from tropical regions of the world put in dedicated spaces in several places.
Created on former industrial sites, the park consists of:
In a palm grove, offering visitors a rich variety of palms like a spectacular alley;
A large park with old mill to cattle where the tropical orchard located which lists many endemic plant species;
An old park is the setting for the main house with the big trees: tamarind, mahogany, moubin formerly markers of homes;
A garden machinery that features a landscaped area in the old machine tools, steam, trains and trucks;
A garden sculptures that ink in the Caribbean landscape contemporary art presented in spaces dedicated to Clement Foundation.
These spaces are punctuated by mayors who host an aquatic wildlife today.
Obtaining this label is an opportunity to discover or rediscover the gardens of the Habitation Clement with your rental car Europcar Martinique!

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