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The Mount Pelee


The massif of Mount Pelee, the highest point of Martinique with its 1397 meters, located north of the island is an active volcano. Its most violent eruption in 1902 that destroyed completely the old capital "Saint Pierre" and some surrounding villages has claimed more than 30,000 dead.
Today this volcano offers the opportunity to undertake wonderful hiking in a beautiful natural environment characterized by great diversity of vegetation and flora that have some characteristics related to the altitude, weather conditions and rashes.


Circulating on the departmental north, board your rental car, after strolling through the streets of the city of Saint Pierre, for beauty lovers of flora and sensations, and for nature lovers, a detour Mount Pelee seems essential. Whatever the route chosen, by Morne Rouge, Macouba, Preacher, Ajoupa Bouillon, St Peter, your car rental will take you to the foot of this mountain spectacular starting point for an invigorating and unforgettable journey.
After parking your car rental in the shade ... for the day, time for a total change, you will begin the ascent.... To the top. The particularity of the tour allows for magnificent glimpses of rare flora and vegetation, preserved, changing and sometimes endemic, but also magnificent views, in clear weather.


You will not fail you realize along the way of environmental change due to significant differences in altitude, temperatures that decrease (remember to take a rain jacket and a sweater !!!) winds that accelerate, clouds that are intensifying.
While initially the forest still rich and lush, composed of large trees such as frangipani trees, on the heights it is reduced, above 800 meters, giving way to a herbaceous vegetation shrub, drowned in the fog much of the year. Tree ferns become more abundant, other plants such as mangle mountains and dwarf palmettos occupy the ground.
At the top, the vast majority of these plants are collected, provided with tough and thick sheets or with an exaggerated hair as thyme mountain, pineapple mountain.
At the top of the top, extends the altitude savannah consisting of a foam pad from which arise tiny and puny plants, such as purple or small pipe.
With these information, your mind and serious eye will be more attentive to all this impressive environment we offer Pelee, but your rental car you will also have helped to spend a fantastic day on the slopes of the volcanic edifice so mysterious .

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