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Question: I have had an accident, What will happen to my deposit?

When you have a single accident or third party (you must establish a report), you must notify Europcar Martinique in 24:00. Europcar Martinique prepare an accident report and your deposit will be charged.
In the event of a disaster without third party if the observed damage amount is less than your deposit, we will refund the difference to the security deposit taking from your credit card.
In the event of a disaster with third parties: you put the duly completed accident report and a police report if there takes place and we will submit the findings to our insurance. Your deposit will be charged. When the insurances companies have determined levels of responsibility of each of the drivers, the franchise will remain fully dependent on you for a liability of 100% or 50%. If you are not liable (liability established at 0%) franchise will be repaid in full.
For more information, please contact our Support Incidents & Accidents 05 96 42 42 42.
You remain liable even if you subscribe the supplementary insurance;
  closing the vehicle with the keys inside and consequences;
  replacing the battery of the disabled fact and its consequences;
  fuel error and its consequences
  puncture tires and its consequences.
The damages on the upper part and the lower part of the car related to poor appreciation of the Vehicle template.

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