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At you arrival in Martinique

Question: what are your opening hours and where your agencies are located?

Our main office is the airrport one. It is located in the airport terminal in Fort-de-France Aimé Césaire. It is open daily from 07:00 to 22:00. We have other agencies we invite you to discover by clicking here.

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Question: what are the documents required to take my vehicle?

What documents should I present at the Europcar counter to pick up the vehicle? To make your rental agreement, the following documents are required: 1. driver's license issued by your country of residence and valid for 1 year minimum (International Driving Licence) .. It will be presented to each rental. 2. your ID (passport or CNI), issued by your country of residence. 3. Your credit card (with embossed numbers). The expiration date must be after the end date of your rental. 4. your voucher if you prepaid your reservation online. NB: the documents of points 1 and 2 will be charged for any additional drivers to be included in the contract.

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Question: do i need to leave a deposit at the time of pick?

A pre-authorization on your credit card will be made in the drafting of the contract. Remember to check or raise your ceiling to allow validation of this mandatory transaction. It is mandatory for the delivery of the vehicle. The amount will be equal to the amount of duty payable in case of disaster (variable amount on the category and the chosen insurance package). This amount will not be charged to your card but only blocked on your account until the end of the lease.

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Question: do i go around the vehicle before leaving the agency?

We advise you to check the status of the vehicle that was entrusted to you is in accordance with the document submitted with the contract. If you find a fault or not listed shock, warn the staff before leaving.

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Question: my licence has been stolen . can i submit a theft report instead?

Reported stolen (or loss) established by the police can be accepted, if dated within two months from the date of hire.

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Question: i forgot my license. can i still take possession of the vehicle?

No. The presentation of the licence is required. Photocopies (even certified as "true") are not accepted.

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Question: can i subscribe insurance or additional protection?

Yes, you can underwrite insurance supplements in step 3 of the process of booking online or at our counters, writing your lease.

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Question: can make my rental in an agency and pick it up in anothe one? can someone else other than me can pay my rental?

No. At the time of pick up, the renter must have its own means of payment, driving license and have the required age to rent from Europcar.

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Question: do the deposit will be deducted from my credit card when picking up the vehicle?

Europcar Martinique does not deduct the amount of the deposit, but must request a pre-authorization of payment based on the rented vehicle. This pre-authorization is necessarily obtained by credit card (no maestro or electron). Inquire at the time of reservation or pick up the vehicle.

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