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Question: Do you accept pets in the rental car?

Yes wedo.
Vehicles must be returned in the same condition of the departure (cleanliness, hygiene, interior, upholstery ...). Any vehicle returned excessively dirty (pet hair, sand, mud, stained upholstery, marking ...) will be billed up to or exceed 100 euros depending on the cleanning.
It is advisable to put your pet in a cage so it does not jump from one seat and not distracting the driver. You have to think to secure your pet while being sure that the cage is placed in a stable manner so that it does not spill. It is also possible for those who do not wish to opt for the cage to tie their animal. The important thing is not to be disturbed while driving in order to stay in control of his movements without the risk of violating the rules of the road. The ideal is that the animal is in the trunk of the car or on the back seat. Then you have to choose from the range Europcar Maritnique a vehicle suitable for a pet!

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