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Discover Sainte-Marie and its wonderful Tombolo

The tombolo

 The tombolo is one of the natural attractions of Santa Maria to be discovered on your trip to Martinique. It is a bed of sand connecting the town of Sainte-Marie in the eponymous islet: Tombolo, a name of Italian origin.

To explore this exceptional site, choose a rental car Martinique. This water emerges through the accumulation of a series of weather events caused by the Bermuda anticyclone. The wind, temperature and ocean currents move sand and seabed sediments to sculpt the coast of Martinique and display the tombolo towards the end of the year. It completely disappears after four months. During this period, you can reach the Tombolo walking safely. 

Saint James distillery and museum

 Saint James Distillery also worth a visit during your stay in Sainte-Marie. The establishment was founded in Saint-Pierre in 1765 and relocated to Sainte-Marie in 1902 after the eruption of Pelee. It is to this day the oldest distillery of Martinique. During your visit, you will see that the basement of the facility retains bottles of vintage 1885 once stored in Amsterdam.

The area of Saint James Distillery also home to the rum from Martinique Museum which traces the development process, manufacturing and aging rum on the island. During your visit, you will find old tools that were used in the exploitation of sugar cane, as beasts mill, a steam engine dating from the nineteenth century or distillation columns. End your trip with a stroll aboard the Train des Plantations.

 Discover all the beautiful sites of Santa Maria with a car rental Martinique.

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