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Jewel of the Caribbean, Martinique, located in the French West Indies, south of the Tropic of Cancer, enjoys a tropical climate.

You have chosen Martinique as the destination for your next vacation?

Find out when is the ideal time to visit the island of Martinique and make the most of all its riches.


The tropical climate of Martinique

Martinique has a tropical climate and two distinct seasons:

  • The dry season, called "Lent", which extends from December to April

  • The wet season or winter season, from June to November

The tourist season corresponds to the dry season. The period during which the tourist influx is at its maximum is therefore from December to April. During the wintering season, the rainfall is more important, but the temperatures remain pleasant. On the sea side, the water temperature never goes below 24°C.  But then, when to go to Martinique? There are three periods to visit it:

  • From January to March: very favorable (visiting Martinique in February is also, to take advantage of the carnival and the pleasant temperatures)

  • From April to May: favorable

  • From June to November: less favorable

What to take in your suitcase for Martinique ?

The average temperatures are quite high all year round, we advise you to bring light, comfortable and airy clothes. Sunglasses are essential! Also remember to take a sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

A raincoat or an umbrella could be useful in case of showers, even if they are quite rare. If you go to Martinique to hike, remember to take good walking shoes and a backpack to carry your water bottles. Mosquitoes are pre

sent at the end of the evening, so we advise you to wear long pants and to have a repellent product on hand. And above all, don't forget your bathing suit to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the island.

Need a vehicle to travel around Martinique ? Trust Europcar.

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