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Sainte-Anne, the city in the south of Martinique to visit

Sainte-Anne, a city in the south of Martinique

Small town of nearly 5000 souls located in the extreme south of Martinique on the peninsula of the same name, Sainte-Anne is one of the most popular destinations for tourists because of the fame and the number of its beaches. Its 22 km of coastline bordered by turquoise waters offer a real postcard landscape, heavenly.

The town of Sainte-Anne Martinique

Beyond this specificity, Sainte-Anne is also home to some cultural particularities that are worth the detour, especially in the picturesque old town.

Moreover, driven by tourism, the city has many shops and restaurants and is full of activities to do; jet skiing, scuba diving, paddle boarding ... All good reasons to extend your stay to make the most of it.

To get there or to visit the surroundings, the car is the best means of locomotion, contact the Europcar agency of the Belfond domain in Sainte-Anne to have more information on car rentals in this part of the island.

The beaches of Sainte-Anne, the paradise

If Sainte-Anne had to be summed up in one word, it would be, in the opinion of many, "beach". Indeed, the town has the largest number of beaches on the island, all as beautiful as each other. However, some of them stand out from the rest and make Sainte-Anne famous.

This is the case of the Salines beach which receives nearly 2 million visitors per year! It must be said that it is idyllic, imagine, a wide beach of fine white sand stretching as far as the eye can see, bordered on one side by warm, clear and turquoise waters and on the other side by a string of green coconut palms...the dream we tell you!

It is so beautiful that it is as much appreciated by the locals as by the tourists who rush year after year to make a place for themselves! A beach not to be missed if you spend a few days in Martinique. Other beaches are also worth a look - and a sunburn... - such as Pointe Marin, Anse à Prunes, Anse Trabaud, Anse Noire, Anse Meunier, Anse Calistan... There is no shortage of choices!

Do you like beautiful beaches? Outside Sainte-Anne, in Sainte-Luce in particular, you can relax on other beautiful beaches.

The old town of Sainte-Anne, the picturesque

Sainte-Anne is not limited to its beaches, as famous as they are, it also has a more picturesque side.

The old town

Sainte-Anne's old town has kept its authenticity, a singular character that gives it its narrow streets dotted with houses with a very particular and charming Creole architecture, some of which are very old and are a true testimony of another time.

Church of Our Lady of Sainte-Anne

In the middle of the village, the Catholic church Notre-Dame de Sainte-Anne, built in the 17th century, is majestically enthroned. Despite fire and cyclone, it is still ready to welcome its faithful. Listed as a historical monument, the church and its Calvary - located at the back, at the top of a 59m high hill - welcome the biggest catholic gathering of the island, every year, on September 19th, about 5000 pilgrims make the pilgrimage of La Salette.

Marine cemetery

After visiting a church, what could be more normal than to go and discover a cemetery? The shortcut is easy, but it allows us to highlight a cemetery that is well worth a detour: the marine cemetery. Located on the heights of Sainte-Anne, it offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Sainte-Anne. A good place to rest in peace...

The savanna of petrifications

If you are fascinated by nature and have some time to spare. Take a moment to discover a particularity of Sainte-Anne, the savannah of petrifications. Behind this mysterious name hides in fact the oldest area of Martinique. This arid, desert land offers a landscape that contrasts strongly with the beaches and the lush vegetation of the island. If you wish to reach it, the coastal path of the Trace du Cap will lead you there. For the record, the name comes from the presence of fossilized woods that were present in large numbers before they were all plundered.

Tourism in Sainte-Anne, the dynamic

Walking and relaxing are good, but on vacation, time is limited and it is better to take advantage of it to be active and to indulge in other pleasures. Sainte-Anne, with its tourist potential, offers many activities, shops and restaurants for the pleasure of thousands of tourists.

Nautical activities

For those who love sensations, Sainte-Anne, especially on the Atlantic side, is the ideal place to practice all kinds of nautical activities in the agitated waters of the ocean: jet ski, paddle, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing...

Land activities

In Sainte-Anne, hiking and biking enthusiasts will not be left out. The peninsula has many trails accessible on foot, by bike or on horseback. It is possible to follow the coastline or to go deeper into the more rural interior.

Shopping and restaurants

When you are on vacation, you like to shop for souvenirs and eat outside in the shade on a terrace. Sainte-Anne is not lacking in shops, markets in which you will find your happiness and restaurants in which you will appreciate the local gastronomy. Read an interesting article on the vegetables used in Martinique's cuisine and another on local fish dishes. Visit Sainte-Anne with Europcar: book your rental car on Europcar Martinique.

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