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All Saints' Day in Martinique: A Vibrant Celebration of the Dead

In Martinique, the month of November is synonymous with All Saints' Day, a celebration of the dead that is both solemn and full of life. This unique celebration reflects the island's rich culture and complex history. All Saints' Day in Martinique transcends the boundaries between the Catholic faith and local customs to become a profound experience that unites memory and the joy of living. It's a time for reflection, commemoration and celebration of Martinique's identity, where the Catholic faith blends harmoniously with local customs. Food, music and dance add a dimension of joy to the day, making All Saints' Day in Martinique a unique celebration that embodies the rich history and soul of this Caribbean island. The sadness of lost loved ones gives way to a festive and joyous time. We'll accompany you to every corner of the island with our rental cars in Martinique to make this event a memorable one.

Preparing for All Saints' Day

There are two rituals involved in preparing for All Saints' Day in Martinique: beautifying the cemeteries (the Saint-Anne marine cemetery is a must-see) and preparing for the festivities.

Cemetery beautification

A few days before All Saints' Day, Martinique's cemeteries are abuzz with activity. Renovations and clean-ups are the order of the day. Young people, also known as "Djobeurs", eager to earn a bit of money, are offering their services to clean the graves. Arums, anthuriums, floral arrangements: flowers adorn the family vaults. Preparations are made to bring the whole family together on these two very special days. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins are brought together for a special, emotional occasion. By the way: tourists will notice that the graves are particularly white. A true ode to light, white is deliberately used to signify the resurrection of the dead.


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November 1st in Martinique, the feast of all saints

November 1st each year was originally a Catholic holiday dedicated to all saints, known and unknown. In Martinique, the religious dimension of this day remains important, marked by mass in church and visits to cemeteries. Families gather to decorate the graves of their departed loved ones with fresh flowers, candles and prayers. This Catholic tradition is a moment of recollection that reminds the people of Martinique of the fragility of human life.

November 2 in Martinique, commemorating the dead

November 2 in Martinique is just as important as November 1, a day for commemoration and reunion. The day after November 1st is reserved for commemoration. Martinicans return to their graves and take part in masses. Family gatherings follow.

Family gathering around a meal

Following the celebrations, memories of the deceased are recalled to bring them back to life. Often over punch or a hearty Creole meal, these memories are often happy and fun. Eating, playing and dancing to Creole music: the All Saints' Day atmosphere is unique. Fortunately, the tradition of All Saints' Day is passed on and is not about to die out! Young people are also immersed in the festivities.

Visiting Martinique during All Saints' Day

Choosing to go to Martinique during All Saints' Day in November is a very good idea. There aren't many tourists during this period, and temperatures hover around 30°C. You'll be able to enjoy the island and its activities at lower prices than during the high season. Come and discover Martinique as you've never seen it before during All Saints' Day.


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