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Martinique in August is party month


In August, Martinique reveals itself in all its splendor, offering travelers an experience combining festivals, entertainment and pleasant surprises. Let yourself be seduced by the festive charm of Martinique in August, where every day promises unforgettable memories.

The highlight of August is the Baccha Festival. It's the biggest festival of the year in Martinique, no less!

The festive atmosphere continues throughout the month with Friday Nights in Trois-Ilets and the Biguine Jazz Festival, which usually takes place in several communes. Finally, August also sees a host of local festivals. Are you torn between gourmet delights and festivities? The Dachine Festival is a must in August. Want to burn calories while having fun? Then take part in the Foyal Color Run, a festive, joyful and colorful race organized in Fort-de-France. The icing on the cake is Martinique's pleasant August weather, and the low low-season prices will convince even the most reluctant!

Martinique in August: Top 5 events of the month

Do you like to party? August is festival month in Martinique, with top-notch cultural events such as the Baccha Festival, Biguine Jazz Festival and Friday Nights in Trois-Ilets. We've listed everything you need to know about this month's not-to-be-missed highlights.


Foyal Color Run 2022 © Credit source : Mathurin Mayoulika / France-Antilles

1- The most iconic: La Baccha Festival

📅 Mid-August 📍 Vauclin Created in 2014, Le Baccha Festival is the island's biggest musical event. It takes place every August in the commune of Le Vauclin. This festival showcases Caribbean artists through a 100% urban and Caribbean line-up.

2- The most nocturnal: Les Friday Nights in Trois-Ilets

📅 Every Friday in August 📍Trois-Ilets Les Trois-Îlets “Friday Nights” are a lively evening event that takes place every Friday in August in this commune of Martinique.This popular all-music event attracts locals and visitors to the island alike. During Friday Nights, the streets come alive with strolling restaurants, open-air bars and plenty of musical entertainment. Visitors can sample a variety of local dishes and Martinique specialties while listening to live music performed by local bands and DJs.

3- The most mixed: The Biguine Jazz Festival

📅 August 📍Multiple towns The Biguine Jazz Festival is a unique event in the world, no less! It showcases the music and rhythms born of the marriage between biguine, the traditional music of Martinique, and jazz.

To mark the occasion, a number of concerts will be held in various towns and villages across Martinique.

It's an opportunity to discover or rediscover the musical heritage of the West Indies and its most emblematic artists, in a festive, family-friendly atmosphere.

4- Le plus convivial : Les Friday Nights des Trois-Ilets

📅 Tous les vendredis du mois d'août 📍Trois-Ilets

Qui dit mois d’août aux Trois-Ilets, dit Friday Nights ! Chaque vendredi soir, le front de mer de cette commune touristique et balnéaire s’anime de stands culinaires, autour d’un podium où se succèdent de nombreux artistes. 

Les pieds dans le sable, c’est l’occasion de danser en plein air en savourant des spécialités locales, dans une ambiance agréable et festive. Ambiance assurée !

5- The most fun: The Foyal Color Run in Fort-de-France

📅 In August 📍Fort-de-France

Every year, the Foyal Color Run celebrates the month of August in Fort-de-France. The principle is simple: run (or walk) for 5 km, sprinkling yourself with color. The multicolored race culminates on the Place de la Savane, with a stand and several DJs.

There's no stopwatch, performance or ranking: the only aim is to have fun!

Bonus - Le plus pittoresque : Les Courses de Chevaux et de Mulets de Sainte-Marie

📅 August 15th 📍Plage du Tombolo - Sainte-Marie The Horse and Mule Races are an emblematic event in the commune of Sainte-Marie, combining tradition, sport and festivity. Every year, this exciting competition takes place on the town's patron saint's day, attracting spectators from all over Martinique to admire the performance of the horses and mules in a friendly, festive atmosphere on the Tombolo beach. These races, steeped in local history, showcase the skills of the jockeys and the bravery of the animals, offering a unique and thrilling spectacle. In addition to the races, musical entertainment, food stalls and activities for the whole family create a warm and festive atmosphere, making this a not-to-be-missed day for equestrian sport enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

Other events in August

Le festival de la Dachine

📅 In August 📍 Morne-Rouge Do you know the dachine? Also known as madera, Chinese cabbage or taro, dachine is a locally grown tuber that can be cooked like potatoes or sweet potatoes. Every August, the association “Défense des Intérêts des Petits Agriculteurs” (DIPA) organizes the Festival de la Dachine in Morne-Rouge, in the north of Martinique. On the menu: gastronomic delights and surprises! Dachine is prepared in a variety of ways: as accras, jams, sweet or savory patés, or in the form of ice cream.

The Great Holidays at the Museum

Organized by The Territorial Collectivity of Martinique, this operation aims to open the doors of museums to all, through a rich program of workshops, open doors, workshops and animations. All the museums of the Collectivité Territoriale de Martinique are involved in this program:

  • the Centre de Découverte des Sciences et de la Terre (Earth and Science Discovery Centre)

  • the Museums of History and Ethnography

  • Père Pinchon Museum

  • Maison des Volcans

  • Écomusée de Martinique

  • Maison de la Canne

In August, it's a not-to-be-missed cultural event for young and old alike.

The (many) patron saint festivals of August

August is all about patronal celebrations in Martinique!

  • August 1: Bellefontaine

  • August 10: Le Lamentin

  • August 15: Case-Pilote

  • August 15: Sainte-Marie

  • August 16: Lorain

  • August 23: Robert

  • August 25: Fort-de-France

  • August 30: Morne-Rouge

📉 Take advantage of low tourist season prices

Martinique's low season, which generally runs from May to November, offers travelers a unique opportunity to discover the Island of Flowers in August. It's the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Martinique's attractions without the crowds, to explore hidden corners and enjoy a more authentic experience.

Looking for inspiration? A few ideas for outings in August

Discovering the natural treasures of Martinique

Martinique's natural treasures open up to explorers in August, offering a veritable symphony of exotic, unspoilt landscapes. Nature lovers will be delighted by the diversity and beauty of the natural environments they can discover when they visit in August. For hiking enthusiasts, Martinique's lush rainforest is a veritable paradise. Trails wind through lush vegetation, offering spectacular views of breathtaking panoramas. Whether for a leisurely hike along shady paths or a more intense adventure through the mountains, each trail offers a unique opportunity to explore Martinique's rich biodiversity. Excursions to the refreshing waterfalls are also a must in August. Nestled in the heart of lush nature, these cascades offer a haven of coolness and tranquility where visitors can bathe in crystal-clear natural pools and recharge their batteries to the soothing sound of trickling water. It's a refreshing and invigorating experience that allows you to connect fully with the surrounding nature.

Explore the island's historical and cultural sites

Immerse yourself in Martinique's captivating history by exploring its emblematic sites, witnesses to a past rich in events and cultures.

The ruins of Saint-Pierre

Often referred to as the “Pompeii of the Caribbean”, Saint-Pierre offers a fascinating journey back in time. Once dubbed the “Little Paris of the West Indies, Saint-Pierre was the island's cultural and economic capital until it was destroyed in 1902 by the devastating volcanic eruption of Mount Pelée. Today, visitors can admire the impressive remains of this once thriving city, such as Saint-Pierre Cathedral and the municipal theater, frozen in time for over a century.

The Saint-Louis Fort

Built in the 17th century, this military fort offers a breathtaking view over the bay of Fort-de-France.

The Musum of "La Pagerie"

Located in Trois-Ilets, this museum is a must-see for history buffs. This former residence of Joséphine de Beauharnais, Napoleon Bonaparte's first wife, offers a fascinating insight into the life of the empress and her influence on the history of Martinique.

Savor local specialties

Dive into a feast for the senses as you discover Martinique's cuisine, a veritable blend of African, European and Caribbean influences. Local markets abound with culinary treasures, from fresh exotic fruits like juicy mangoes, sweet pineapples and tangy carambolas, to colorful tropical vegetables like christophines, yams and sweet potatoes. It's the perfect opportunity to taste authentic flavours and support local producers.

The dishes

Local restaurants are also temples to Creole gastronomy, where talented chefs transform fresh ingredients into delicious, comforting dishes. Don't miss out on specialties such as chicken colombo, a spicy stew with Indian influences, or grilled fish marinated in lemon juice and Creole spices. Accompany your meal with the inevitable ti-punch, a Martinique cocktail made with rum, cane syrup and lime, for a complete culinary experience.


Martinique offers a delicious variety of traditional desserts to tantalize the taste buds. These include flan coco, a creamy preparation made with coconut milk and eggs, flavored with vanilla and sprinkled with grated coconut. Coconut blancmange is also very popular, made with coconut milk, sugar, gelatin and vanilla, often enhanced with fresh fruit such as mango or pineapple for an exotic touch. Fruit lovers will be delighted by pineapple cake, a soft, fragrant dessert. In summer, coconut and peanut sorbets are a welcome refreshment.

The weather in Martinique in August.

In August, Martinique offers generally sunny days.

🌡️ What's the weather like in Martinique in August?

In August, Martinique offers pleasantly warm temperatures, typical of the summer season. Average temperatures range from 24°C to 31°C, with sunny days and mild nights.

🌧️ Rainfall in August in Martinique

August marks the end of the rainy season in Martinique, but a few showers may still occur, mainly in the form of short tropical showers.

🌊 August bathing temperatures in Martinique

Seawater temperatures are generally around 28°C.

Fruits and vegetables in season in August in Martinique


© Credit source : Le Bon Guide

Discover local fruits and vegetables in August for your enjoyment.

🍉 Fruits in season in August in Martinique

Abricot péyi: unlike the common apricot, the peyi apricot has a smooth skin and firmer flesh.

Pomme d'Eau: known as jambose or pomme de cythère, it is appreciated for its refreshing flavor and crunchy texture.

The Cinnamon Apple: oval-shaped and green when ripe, it takes its name from its characteristic cinnamon-like fragrance.

Le Fruit du Jacquier: The flavor of the jacque is sweet and reminiscent of mango or pineapple, making it a versatile ingredient in Martinican cuisine.

🥒 Seasonal vegetables in August

Dachine: Also known as Chinese cabbage, dachine is a tuber grown in Martinique. Dachine is often prepared boiled, fried, mashed or added to soups and stews. Breadfruit: Breadfruit is a staple of Martinican cuisine, with tender, melting flesh that lends itself to many culinary preparations, such as gratins, purées or breads.

What to pack in August ?

Don't forget to pack the following essentials for your August vacation in Martinique:

  • Sunglasses to protect you from intense UV rays.

  • Seabed-friendly sunscreen to protect your skin and the marine ecosystem.

  • A hat to protect you from the sun.

  • Hiking boots to explore the island's trails.

  • Mosquito repellent to protect you from insects.

Need a car in August?

Choose Europcar Martinique! 🚗♻️ Remember to drive responsibly and favor carpooling.


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