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During Your Stay - FAQ - Europcar Martinique

You have questions ? here are your answers. Our frequently asked questions will help you to get all the informations you need.

You will find here some useful information to travel with peace of mind.

This section allows you to obtain information on the follow-up of your commercial relationship with Europcar Martinique even after your departure from Martinique. The most frequently asked questions during your rental and your stay

On acceptance by Europcar, you can change the length of your lease. You need to contact the nearest open Europcar Martinique agency. The airport agency Aime Cesaire Fort-de-France is open from 07:00 to 22:00 and responds to +596 596 42 16 88 you will have a larger amplitude time to make changes after the validation of Europcar Martinique. Any extension of the lease is subject to vehicle availability and modification of the rental amount you will be charged at the time of extension. An additional payment authorization may be required. Warning: Our insurance and guarantees only cover you for the rental period specified in your contract. If you keep the vehicle without consent of Europcar after the scheduled end of your rental, you will not be covered by insurance initially planned.
No. We offer unlimited mileage.
Our rates are calculated per 24-hour schedule, beginning at the time of pick up. A 29-minute grace period is given. Beyond this limit, an extra day will apply.
In case of loss of car keys, you must contact the Europcar Martinique Assistance service at 05 96 42 42 42 07H to 22H. For inteventions after the opening hours, please refer to the starting state pocket for the number of our support, for an intervention as soon as possible. Note that the fees for the renewal of the key and the repatriation of the vehicle will be your responsibility, our insurance and additional guarantees do not cover this type of incident.
Europcar Martinique provides its customers with a roadside assistance 7 days 7 and 24/24. The telephone number is 0596 42 42 42 7/7 from 07:00 to 22:00, outside these hours please call the following 06 96 45 97 83. They are on the RA. In case of technical problem, our Assistance department will come as soon as possible. In an accident, make sure above all to secure the area and provide information in the shortest possible time, the police and Europcar Martinique. Then complete the precise accident report (available in the vehicle glove box) with the other party (if a third party is involved). Be especially careful in drafting the document, by filling all the requested information and being as specific as possible. If necessary, you may see your accidentally liability. For more information, please consult our Generals Terms of rental or request for service Claims Assistance & Accidents 05 96 42 42 42.
If the vehicle is stolen, you should contact the police and make the report. You then need to contact Europcar location where you took possession of the vehicle to provide the officer on duty car keys and the theft report. A franchise can you be charged, depending on the package you have subscribed. (For more details, see our Terms and Location)
No, the exit of vehicles in Martinique is not allowed.
All our vehicles are inspected and regularly revised. However, depending on the distance you have to travel during your stay, you will be required to ensure the proper use of the vehicle, including monitoring water levels, oil and tire pressure. The technical staff Europcar Martinique is available to ensure, at your request, a vehicle control during the opening hours of our agencies. Also, do not hesitate to report immediately any anormaly or warning light on the dashboard.

- At the accident site

1) Use a single joint accident report booklet for 2 vehicles involved (2 for 3 vehicles...), regardless of who supplies or fills it out. Preferably use a ballpoint pen and press hard, as the duplicate will be easier to read

2) When drawing up your accident report, remember to : - when answering questions a) in section 8, refer to your insurance documents (contract or green card), b) in section 9, refer to your driver's license. - accurately indicate the point of initial impact (section 10) - put a cross (X) in the box corresponding to each of the circumstances (n°1 to 17) applicable to the accident (item 12) and indicate the number of boxes so marked - draw a sketch of the accident (item 13).

3) If there were witnesses to the accident, write down their names and addresses, especially in the event of difficulties with the other driver.

4) Sign the accident report and have the other driver sign it. Give him or her one copy, and keep the other.

- At home - Complete the information required by your insurer by filling in the accident declaration on the back of the accident report. - Don't forget to specify where and when your vehicle will be visible, so that the surveyor can examine the damage as quickly as possible. - Do not, under any circumstances, modify the accident report (recto). - Send this document to your insurer without delay.

- Special cases - If the other driver is in possession of a form that also conforms to the Insrance. Europe aisbl, but drawn up in a different language, please note that it is identical to yours. You can therefore use it by following the translation from section to section (they are numbered for this purpose) on your own logbook. But don't forget to fill in the accident report form at home, using the back of a form printed in your own language, which you can then send to your insurer without delay, together with the foreign report form. - This form can also be used in the event of an accident without third parties (injured parties), for example: damage to property, theft, fire, etc...

Whatever the circumstances, keep your cool and remain courteous.

- If there is only material damage :

spontaneously present your insurance certificate and driver's license, and calmly and carefully fill out a single joint accident report with the other driver.

- If anyone is injured, even if only slightly:

Alert the police first.

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