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Ready FAQ, everything you need to know about renting

This page allows you to gather all the useful information for your rental via the READY By Europcar application in Martinique.

"READY by Europcar" is a mobile application for self-service car rental in Martinique, allowing you to reserve and use a vehicle using a smartphone. You can book, pick up, open, close and start the vehicle with your phone, without ever going through the agency and without having a physical key.

  • Aimée Césaire Airport, Parking P2 (alley M2)

  • Europcar Le Lamentin agency (RN5)

  • Club Med les Boucaniers

  • Renault Clio 5 manual

  • Renault Captur manual

  • Renault Captur automatic

  • Renault Kadjar automatic

  • Young driver (compulsory for those under 26 years old) (5€/day - 25€ max)

  • Full tank of gas (89€)

  • Cancellation Insurance (35€)

  • Business Pack (Cancellation Insurance + Full tank of gas) (39€/day)

  1. Download our " READY By Europcar " application on your smartphone.

  2. Create your account (the driver's account): Fill in your personal information and transmit photos of your driver's license, ID card directly via the application.

  3. You can then book your vehicles independently, by making a "new reservation", selecting the station of your choice, the dates, and the vehicle you need. You will receive an email confirming your reservation.

  4. 48 hours before picking up your vehicle, you must block the deposit directly via the application, by going to your reservation. A reminder email is sent to you.

  5. Everything is in order, you can pick up your car on the D-day, with your smartphone and your valid driving license.

  6. An inventory of fixtures can be done directly via the application, if you notice any anomaly on the vehicle.

By taking a READY vehicle, you agree to carry your valid driver's license.

Once the reservation has been validated and the deposit blocked, to pick up your vehicle and start the rental, you need to have the application up to date on your smartphone, and an active Bluetooth.

You will then be able to easily get to your vehicle thanks to the location system of your smartphone, and proceed to the opening, closing, and starting of the car via Bluetooth.

When you start the reservation, the application offers you to make a photo inventory. This allows you to report any damage to the vehicle before starting the rental. These damages reported before the departure will be taken into account and will obviously not be charged to you.

Throughout your rental, you can report any damage that occurred during your stay via the application. To do so, go to your reservation, in the menu " + options " > " declare a damage ".

When you pick up your vehicle, you will be asked to take a photo tour of the vehicle.

More than 48H before departure: the amount of the reservation is refunded in its entirety. 

Between 24H and 48H before your departure: your reservation is refunded at 50%.

Less than 24 hours before your departure: your reservation will not be refunded.

Once the vehicle is opened, you have 10 minutes to start the vehicle by pressing the "start/stop" button. If this time is exceeded, go back to the application and re-click on "open" before trying to start the vehicle again. You can drive: have a good trip !

You have 2 airport parking tickets (in the glove box) to exit the parking lot. Present the entry ticket (dated when you deposited your vehicle in the parking lot) at the exit terminal, followed by the payment ticket provided for you. This way, you do not have to pay to leave the parking lot.

  • With your smartphone:

1/ Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone (if in doubt, deactivate, then reactivate) 2/ Click on " Open ". 3/ Richtext commands. Currently focused item: versionTracking. Press enter to select, arrows to navigate, escape to close. Once the vehicle is opened, you have 10 minutes to start the vehicle by pressing the "start/stop" button. If this time is exceeded, go back to the application and click on "open" again before trying to start again. You can drive: have a good trip! 4/ if it doesn't work, click on "Try another method" (below "Repair the key"). For this method, you need an internet connection. You will then get the screen below and can try again.

  • With your access badge :

A green magnetic badge has been placed in your glove box. It is automatically activated at the start of your reservation and can therefore also be used as a key during your stay. It allows you to open and close the vehicle at will, by passing it in front of the reader located on the driver's side windshield. (Useful in case of low battery) Attention: this badge must be left inside the vehicle at the end of the reservation, at the risk of being re-invoiced 25€.

You have access, on the application, to the live geolocation of the vehicle. On your reservation, just click on the map at the top of the screen.

You can extend your reservation autonomously via the application, provided that the vehicle has not already been reserved by another user.

To do so, go to your reservation, in the menu "more options" > "Extend my reservation"; Enter the new desired return date and let us guide you.

If the vehicle is "unavailable", please call support to see what can be done.

At the airport: Return to Parking P2, aisle M2 (or the nearest one) When you return your vehicle, take a ticket to enter the P2 airport parking lot, park your car on aisle M2, and leave the ticket in the glove compartment. If you do not return the ticket, you will be charged by the airport for leaving the parking lot.

At Club Med The return is done on the hotel parking lot.

To complete the reservation

1-Park the vehicle in the airport's P2 parking lot and empty it of all your personal belongings and any waste.

2-Turn off the headlights, the engine and put the parking cards and the access badge in the glove box

3-Click on the button " Finish my reservation ".

4-Make your inventory of fixtures on return

Check the elements requested by the application The system will then understand that you have completed your reservation and will send the invoice and the inventory of fixtures by email.

At the end of your reservation, you have 30 minutes of tolerance. Beyond the tolerance period, a new day of rental is counted. The days counted and not honored will be deducted from your deposit when you return the vehicle. You must therefore End your reservation (see previous paragraph How to end my reservation ?) or Extend your reservation (see previous paragraph How to extend my reservation ?) If you are unable to extend your reservation (vehicle unavailable because reserved by another customer, for example) please call the assistance so that we can offer you a replacement vehicle, or try to release the vehicle during the rental period.

Once your vehicle has been returned to the designated station, our agents will check it and collect it. They release the deposit at the latest 48 hours after the reservation, deducting any expenses due (missing fuel, extra day of rental etc.)

You can declare any damage on your application by going to your reservation, then to "more options" > "declare a damage".

If your accident was with a third party, remember to make a report and to leave a copy of it in the vehicle, so that we can facilitate the file with the experts and the insurance.

For any request, contact the Europcar switchboard at +596 596 42 42 42, Service available 7/7d, from 7am to 9pm

If your request concerns the reservation (extension, information) you can reach the Reservation Service: +596 596 42 42 53 from Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm.

In case of urgent breakdown service at night, call our towing partner ABC Remorquage 24/24h 7/7d: +596 696 20 93 95

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