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Yole Ronde enthusiasts in Martinique: Discover the Athon Association

How did the Athon yawl association come into being?

History and background of the Athon association

Founded in the 1980s by Mr Athon Mas, the Athon Martinique yawl association was born of the desire of yawl enthusiasts to preserve and promote this emblematic nautical tradition of Martinique. From the outset, Athon Yole Martinique has been committed to reviving round yawl competitions, a traditional sport rooted in the island's history and culture. Over the years, the association has established itself as a pillar of the local community, bringing together generations of sailors and enthusiasts around this precious heritage.

Objectives and missions of the association

The main mission of the Athon Yole Martinique association is to safeguard and promote the practice of the round yawl. To do this, it regularly organises or takes part in regattas, training workshops and cultural events such as the Tour des Yoles and the Yole Ronde championship, which highlight the importance of this sport in Martinique's identity. In collaboration with partners such as Cottrell-leader-Mat and Ready by Europcar, the Athon Yole Martinique association benefits from logistical and financial support essential to the realisation of its projects.The association's aims also include educating the younger generation, promoting cultural and sporting tourism, and creating a strong link between tradition and modernity.

Who is Loic Mas, boss of the Cottrell-Leader-Mat-Europcar yawl?

Loïc Mas, the emblematic figure of the round yawl in Martinique, has been the respected boss of the Athon Yole Martinique association for over 10 years now. From an early age, Loïc was captivated by this nautical tradition, inheriting the passion of his father Athon Mas. Under his leadership, the association has enjoyed remarkable growth, distinguishing itself with outstanding performances in the Martinique Championship, the Martinique Cup and the most talked-about event, the Tour des Yoles de Martinique. Renowned for his inspirational leadership and unwavering dedication, Loïc Mas embodies the values of perseverance and camaraderie, making him a true ambassador of Martinican culture and a role model for younger generations of sailors.


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