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Martinique Zoo: an exotic adventure

In the midst of the Latouche dwelling, an enchanting place where history and nature meet.

The Martinique Zoo

Immerse yourself in a captivating adventure in this former dwelling transformed into a fascinating zoo, home to a variety of exotic animals and offering a unique insight into local and international fauna.

Indeed, the Zoo de Martinique boasts some real assets:

Exotic wildlife: It's a world full of incredible animals, from iconic Caribbean creatures to species from the four corners of the globe. You'll meet majestic tigers, mischievous monkeys, colorful birds and much more, in environments carefully designed for their well-being.

Preserving biodiversity: Zoo Habitation Latouche is dedicated to the preservation and protection of animal species. Learn more about conservation programs and awareness-raising efforts to safeguard endangered species and preserve their natural habitats.

Educational Encounters: You'll learn interesting facts about the behavior, biology and challenges of each species, while having the opportunity to ask your questions.

Activities for all: From children's playgrounds to family picnic areas, the zoo offers friendly facilities for all ages, creating a memorable experience for everyone.


Useful information

Opening hours: The Zoo is open from 9am to 6pm every day (including public holidays). Last reservations are taken until 4.30pm. Visits last about 1h30.

Price: Adults pay €17.50, children €12.

Location: Martinique Zoo is located in the north of the island, between Le Carbet and Saint-Pierre. To get there, you need a car. Europcar has the solution for you, and can arrange a rental car for you at one of our agencies.

After visiting the island's fauna, you can visit its flora at the Jardin de Balata.

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