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Discover Anse Dufour

A scuba diving in Martinique unforgettable with a rental car

Angel fish, porcupine fish, turtles, barracudas, lion fish: immerse the Anse Dufour is exploring a unique aquatic fauna in its kind, go see a show of unforgettable beauty.

The scuba diving at Anse Dufour

The dives underwater Anse Dufour are available to all levels of divers. With a maximum depth of 25 meters, the dive ends in an area that varies from 5 to 10 meters. This spot is ideal for recreational divers who want to admire the fauna and underwater flora of Martinique in drift dive because there is no power. Consisting of rock scree, this site allows you to discover among the tubular sponges, many turtles and seahorses.

A local landscapes that amazes

Just off this stretch of white sand, you can admire the Anse Noire. Contrast, almost unreal. You can walk on, with shoes, this shore bright black sun. As its name suggests, the sand of this beach in Martinique is black. The origin of the color is due to the proximity of Mount Pelee. Indeed, the volcano lava froze to turn into rock and take a darker color. Due to erosion and time, this rock has eroded and decomposed.

The sediments have accumulated and give that anthracite black. You would think that diving at Anse Noire is a preposterous idea, which simply will not work because the money would not allow blacks to see any fish. However, having such an idea would be wrong. Indeed, the black sand brings out the colors when diving. This makes it all the more enjoyable and surprising experience. 

To finish your day

You can go, a few minutes by car you install in a bar and drink on the terrace a Ti punch for some, and freshly squeezed guava juice for others, before leaving. To visit the attraction of two handles, with all your belongings, the rental car is the ideal means of transport. It lets you enjoy the most of your day easy to explore at low prices.

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