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Discover the hot springs in Martinique

The most famous hot springs in Martinique

The island of Martinique was born on a chain of curved volcanoes 850 km long between Venezuela and Puerto Rico. The volcano Mount Pelee, now extinct, is located in the north of the island and represents the last stage of geological formation of the island.

In the south of the island, the Morne Jacqueline volcano, also extinct, is the result of an earlier formation.

Hot springs in Martinique

The hot springs around Montagne Pelée

During the formation of Montagne Pelée, one or more water reservoirs were created in the soil. The proximity of these reservoirs with the hot terrestrial layers allows the ascent of hot water around this mountain.

Several hydrothermal manifestations are visible but the main ones are on the western flank of Mount Pelee. The best known hot springs are those of the Rivière Chaude, Rivière Mitan and Rivière Picodo. They are also present on the seashore near the Fond Canonville quarry. Most of them are not very accessible but they can be reached by following the paths indicated by local inhabitants.

As far as temperatures are concerned, the waters that gush out upstream from the Rivière Chaude vary between 28 and 65°C. The thermal waters of the Mitan and Picodo rivers, on the other hand, come out at a temperature between 25 and 38°C.

The hot springs at Dlo Férré

The thermal spring of the site "Dlo Férré" on the commune of Anses d'Arlet, which is located in the south-west of the island, by the sea, is more accessible. The hot water is contained in a pool renovated in 2012 that can accommodate two people. The water from this spring is said to come up from a reservoir where the water reaches 180°C and comes out at a temperature of about 35°C on the surface. It is said to be miraculous and to have many medicinal virtues. It is supposed to cure many ailments such as rheumatism. To reach the pool, you have to find the access road, better to ask the local inhabitants who will be able to show you.

Other hot springs in Martinique

The commune of Lamentin also has hot springs. They can be found at the Heliport, Morne Cabri Carrère or Soufrière which is an old public bath that has been destroyed. Lamentin has a thermo play area where you can go up from the depths to 33 ° C, temperature close to that of the body. The space is equipped and receives the public. The warm waters present would help cure sciatica, rheumatism and great physical fatigue.

The old thermal buildings of Martinique

At the beginning of the 20th century, thermal structures still existed in Martinique, notably in Fort-de-France, its capital. The facilities were spread over several districts of the city such as Moutte, La Médaille, Didier or Absalon.

The benefits of Martinique's thermal waters

The hot springs are known for their benefits thanks to their minerals. In Martinique, the thermal waters are rich in the diversity of their mineral compositions. All of them offer supposed healing aids, but it is better to get information from specialists in order to choose a thermal water adapted to one's ailments.

They can also simply be a source of relaxation to rest and enjoy a good time whether in a resort or in nature.

It is possible to visit all of the above-mentioned springs, but you will need to be able to get close to these places by car and to access them on foot. Remember to book your rental car in Martinique to be able to enjoy the many sites where this natural and beneficial resource springs up.

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