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Visit Housing Clément in Martinique: activity not to be missed.

The habitation Clement, in operation since 1887, is a unique place in Martinique. This place, full of history, notably hosted the famous meeting between Bush and Mitterrand in 1991. It is part of the heritage of Martinique and is now maintained by the GBH group. The rental car is the ideal means if you wish to visit this site with ease.



The habitation Clement, place not to be missed in Martinique

Since 1887 in the town of François Clément housing operates in the manufacturing of agricultural rum. Over time, many things have changed in the home.
But tradition and know-how have remained the same.
Historical monument since 1996, this home is the only island now completely open to the public. Visitors have access to the manufacturing site at the industrial part of the premises. But they can also come to discover the cultural universe that surrounds the Rum Clement and especially Clement Foundation, set up in 2005.
The house includes in particular a center for contemporary art with Clement Foundation, a botanical garden, sugar cane operations and the headquarters of the rum Clément.
Starting visit Housing Clement, you go, then, to discover more than just rum factory, you are going out to meet a universe, a family legacy and part of the history of Martinique.
To get there, renting a car is essential if you want to enjoy your day freely and without constraint.

The GBH Foundation

History started in 1887 by Homer Clement and continued by his son Charles, the rum Clément and his world are preserved today thanks to the group GBH (Group Bernard Hayot ) which plans to run sugar cane some time. To come to expand the circle of visitors of the house Clement and be conquered by the world around the rum Clément, visit the housing site at François. With a rental car, you can easily get there, with family or friends, and fully enjoy your visit.

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