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The vegetables used in the kitchen Martinique

The Martinique offers a host of vegetables waterlogged and sun that embellish the dishes and delight the taste buds. Take time to appreciate the typical vegetables that occupy a full place in local cuisine.

Fruit Bread

Better known under the name fouyapen, Fruit Bread is one of the emblematic vegetables from Martinique kitchen. This fruit of the breadfruit tree is identified by its round shape and its green color. The fouyapen is especially appreciated for its white mealy texture pulp rich in starch and Vitamins A and C.

Root vegetables

Root vegetables are also inseparable from the Martinican cuisine. Embedded in local dishes, especially be mentioned yam, sweet potato, Madeira, the malangas. Cassava and yam Pacala or "cousse couche" are the most used in the Martinican cuisine. You may be lucky to eat them mashed or fried as patties.

The Christophine and gombo

By crisscrossing the island with a rental car Martinique, you will see on every street corner two vegetables in particular aspect: the christophine and gombo. In the form of crooked pear irregular coastline and most of the time, spiny, this vegetable in this tropical environment also supports the typical dishes of the local cuisine. You enjoy gratin or with a joke. Similar to a large pepper, gombo is a vegetable commonly used to thicken soups and stews. Guests can also enjoy raw in salads.
A car rental agency in Martinique will accompany you to your gourmet adventure to the island of flowers.

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