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The Fort Saint Louis : Fort history

Historical monument since 1973, the Fort Saint-Louis is an integral part of the history of Martinique and especially its capital city Fort-de-France.


The Fort Saint-Louis overlooking the bay of Fort-de-France. It is located in the city center a short walk from the Savannah Park and the ferry terminal.

History of Fort St. Louis

Jacques Dyel, lieutenant general of Martinique is the origin of its construction. This fort was both witnessed many battles but also the source of several victories, including at the Battle of Fort Royal on July 20 1674. He repelled numerous assaults victoriously. The Martinique was then, at the time, unwavering.
It is now the Naval National Marine West Indies.

Fort today

The fort is composed of several bastions that fortify it: the stronghold of the fairing, the royal stronghold, the bass drum and the bastion Pointe Sainte-Marthe.
The site was not open to the public during guided tours, as well as during the day of the Navy in April and Heritage Days in September. Since July 20, 2014, the fort is open daily to the public.
The best way to get there is with your Europcar car rental Martinique. The Fort has a car park at his feet where you can leave your vehicle to start the tour or simply the contemplation of this historical monument.

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