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Practical guide to car rental in Martinique

Book your car in advance

Depending on the season and the overall tourist context in Martinique, it is advisable to book your car in advance, online for example.

As a result, you have more choice as to the model you want to rent for your visit to the island, you are sure to have a car in due time and in addition you benefit from more advantageous rates.


Rent a car upon arrival at Aimé Césaire airport

The ideal in terms of car rental in Martinique for a traveler is to book as soon as he arrives at Aimé Césaire airport.

In this way, quickly hit the road, enjoy the island directly without waiting! The key: autonomy, freedom and ease of movement.

When the stay is coming to an end, go back to the Europcar agency box at the airport to leave the rented car there and set off again for other places.

Renting the right vehicle in Martinique

To choose the right rental car on the island, it is preferable to have a precise idea of your transportation needs. Place of residence, number of people, motorization, budget...each criterion counts!

The place of your stay

Martinique offers many faces: urban, mountainous, forest, flat, desert...You will need a vehicle well adapted to your place of stay and to the planned escapades. Thus, if you plan to stay in the city and go to the seaside, it will not be necessary for you to rent an SUV or a 4x4. On the other hand, if you plan to venture inland, a powerful and robust vehicle will be essential.

The number of people to transport

There is another parameter to take into consideration when renting a car on the island. It is the number of people you plan to transport. For a family, the more space you have, the better, so opt for a large sedan or a minibus. The advantage of this type of model is the ability to carry a maximum of luggage and beach or fishing equipment.


Just because you are traveling alone doesn't mean you don't need room. At the same time, it's not because you're traveling as a couple that you necessarily need a large trunk to put all your suitcases and bags. If you travel light, a small city car like the Clio IV will do the trick, but if you tend to take a lot of stuff, opt for an SUV or a big sedan. It goes without saying that if you are traveling in a group, a minibus is the best choice for transporting both people and their luggage.

Engines and budget

The engine of the vehicle is another point that can be taken into account when renting. The smaller the engine, the less fuel it consumes. Economic vehicles are equipped with this type of engine, usually gasoline. Ideal for small budgets. On the other hand, if you are planning to tour the island with your whole family, avoid this type of car and opt for rental models with more powerful, turbocharged, and durable diesel engines. The hilly roads of the island will not be a constraint!


Some people prefer to shift gears to manage their driving as they see fit, others prefer the comfort of automatic transmissions. In both cases, Europcar agencies have models available with both types of gearbox.


Insurance, assistance and protection

In Martinique or elsewhere, you are never safe from a problem. To guarantee maximum peace of mind, be sure to take out the insurance and deductible options offered in addition by Europcar agencies:

Driving and roads in Martinique

In Martinique, the road network is rather well maintained and allows access to the majority of the island without too many problems. There are, of course, paths and small dirt roads but they are not very frequented.

The road network in Martinique is composed of more than 2000 km of roads.

The main roads of the island

The main roads in Martinique are the A1 highway linking the airport (in Lamentin) to the Fort de France ring road. It is 7 km long and is the only French highway outside of the mainland. In addition to the highway, the important cities of the island are accessible from national roads (RN1 to RN9) and departmental roads (1 to 63).

Driving in Martinique

Like in France, it is essential to have a driving license to drive in Martinique. It will be required for any car rental. As far as rules and limitations are concerned, the metropolitan is not disoriented, they are the same on the island as in France :

  • Speed limit (50 km/h in town, 80 km/h on main roads, 110 km/h on freeways) We tell you more about all the speed cameras in Martinique in this article.

  • Amount of fines

  • Blood alcohol level...

The driving of the Martiniqueans is known to be rather fast, be careful!

Europcar Martinique also gives you advice on maintaining your car.

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