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All you need to know to drive safe in Martinique

The Martinique is subject to huge "plugs" in rush hours, here are some tips for you to avoid them.

During your excursions or trips by rental car, we recommend that you leave very early in the morning (before 7:00) and for the return, to avoid the hours of work outputs of synonyms at peak hours (17.00-19.00).


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The most sensitive areas are traffic jams in the South (Rivière-Salée, Sainte-Anne, the Marin, the Trois-Islets, ...) and the Lamentin (Brasserie Lorraine, Highway, Airport).

How to avoid traffic jams on the island ?

Martinique is subject to huge traffic jams throughout the year during rush hours. So, to go on a trip, we advise you to take the road very early in the morning (before 7:00 am), you will avoid the traffic jams on the main roads.

In the morning, avoid the roads leading to the city center of Fort-de-France or the industrial areas of Lamentin (Les Mangles, La Lézarde, Rivière Roche, ...) which are often jammed.

In the evening, it is in the opposite direction that you have to be careful: if you are heading south, you may be caught in traffic jams. For your return from activities, avoid as much as possible the hours of leaving work and school between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Generally speaking, the most sensitive areas are the roads in the South (Rivière-Salée, Sainte-Anne, le Marin, les Trois-îlets,), le Lamentin (Rond-point de la Brasserie Lorraine, the Highway, the Airport) and downtown Fort-de-France.

To avoid the hazards of traffic, you can also travel around Martinique on alternative routes. Go through the countryside and the hills: you will discover breathtaking landscapes and viewpoints.

Of course, in order not to get lost, remember to book a car with GPS.

Is there a real difference between the roads in Martinique and those in Metropolitan France ?

Many people who visit Martinique are surprised by the difference between the roads on the island and those in mainland France. Here the roads are very winding, often narrow and/or quite steep.

We recommend that you remain vigilant and adapt your driving to the circumstances. In order not to lose too much speed when driving on uneven roads and not to consume too much fuel, we advise you to rent our economic or compact models.

Finally, during your rides on the roads of Martinique, be particularly careful with two-wheeled vehicles. Motorcyclists and cyclists are very common on the island and we advise you to be careful when you want to overtake them or when you approach them in a rental car.

See also our article on transport in Martinique.

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