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Which vehicle for a couple or duo trip to Martinique?

You come to survey the island of the beautiful flowers in couple or in duet? you will find our best advices to choose your car rental.

The economic car

The economic car rental in Martinique is an ideal solution for a couple or a duo of friends. This type of vehicle, not necessarily powerful but with low fuel consumption, allows you to save money on your vacation budget and also to get from one point to another of the island via the main roads. Some roads are still difficult to drive, as the hilly terrain of Martinique requires powerful engines in some places.

If you don't intend to travel far or go off the beaten track, the economy car is undeniably the best choice for you.

Economy cars from Europcar Martinique

Europcar Martinique has a complete range of economy cars for rent:

The SUVs

For optimal comfort on all Martinique's roads, the SUV is particularly suitable. If you are a couple or a duo of adventurous friends ready to travel the island in its wild depths and forgotten paths, then this is the type of vehicle you need.

Besides, who can do more can do less, and the SUV will not prove the contrary: it behaves just as well on asphalt roads as on country roads !

SUVs for rent with Europcar Martinique

Two SUV models are available for rent in Europcar Martinique agencies : the Nissan X-trail the Dacia Duster (gasoline or diesel) If you want power, turn to the imposing model of the Japanese brand.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a compromise between budget, power and adaptability, the Dacia SUV is the most appropriate.

Prestige cars

Just because there are only two of you doesn't mean you can't afford maximum class and comfort. Treat yourself to a high-end car.

If you like luxurious interiors, refined lines and a lot of eye candy while enjoying the views of the island.

Europcar's top of the range cars for rent in Martinique

Europcar Martinique has a few vehicles that will meet your expectations:

  • The VOLVO XC60 : the Swedish refinement and robustness

  • The Renault Talisman : an elegant and comfortable sedan from the brand "au losange

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