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Martinique in January, one of the best times to visit the island

Visiting Martinique in January is a fabulous way to start the New Year. Thanks to its warm, tropical climate, you'll enjoy temperatures ranging from an average low of 24ºC in the evening to a balmy 31ºC during the day. In January, the temperature of the Caribbean Sea is ideal for swimming. Grab your swimsuit and let's go! Come and bask on some of Martinique's most spectacular beaches, such as Grande Anse des Salines or Plage de Sainte-Anne. In addition to its coastline, Martinique has a lot more to offer in January!

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What's the weather like in Martinique in January?

Average temperatures

January marks the start of the dry season in Martinique: it's one of the best months to discover the island.

  • Average daytime temperatures: between 22 and 30°C

  • Average evening temperatures: between 12 and 18 °C

  • Number of hours of sunshine: 8 hours


In January, rainfall is minimal to moderate. The sun shines every day. Sunglasses a must!

Water temperature in January

The average water temperature in January in Martinique is 27°C.

What to do in January in Martinique?

Enjoy the sea

Martinique offers travelers a wide range of water sports activities all year round. Thanks to the mild, tropical weather in January, you'll be able to take advantage of it without hesitation, every day of the year!

Snorkeling, diving, hiking, swimming

Fascinated by underwater life? In January, Martinique is the place to be. As you explore the coral reefs, you'll enjoy remarkable diving spots, fascinating tropical fauna and a picture-postcard aquatic world. Farniente fans will be spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches on which to lay their towel. Do you prefer black sand or white sand? The choice is yours!

Boat trips and kayak tours

Catamaran and boat excursions are another popular way to explore the island in January. You're sure to come across dolphins or cetaceans! By hiring a boat or kayak, you can also discover the island's mangroves and secret coves on your own.

Jet-skiing and other water sports

The range of water sports available in Martinique in January is truly vast. Are you looking for thrills or are you a fan of gliding? Jet-skiing, surfing and windsurfing await you in Martinique! It's no wonder that visitors flock to Martinique in January for a unique experience on the water.

Martinique's most beautiful beaches

  • Anse Figuier, Marin

  • Les Salines, Sainte-Anne

  • Anse Dufour and Anse Noire, Anses d'Arlet

  • Diamant beach, Au Diamant

  • Pointe Marin, Sainte-Anne

Discover our list of iconic beaches in Martinique!


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Go green

Hiking in Martinique is an experience not to be missed. Whether you're climbing hills, exploring the rainforest in the north of the island or enjoying the natural beauty of the beaches in the south, you'll enjoy a truly rejuvenating experience. Martinique's botanical gardens and nature parks are brimming with extraordinary flowers and plants. Good to know: Since 2023, the Volcanoes and Forests of the Montagne Pelée and the Pitons of northern Martinique have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Natural sites not to be missed

  • Mount Pelée, Martinique's highest peak and active volcano

  • The Pitons du Carbet

  • Jardin de Balata, ideal for nature lovers keen to discover Martinique's endemic species.

  • The Caravelle peninsula at Tartane

  • La Savane des Pétrifications in Sainte-Anne

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Cultural outings

Martinique has no shortage of cultural activities in January. From museums and monuments to local festivities, there are plenty of opportunities to discover Martinique's culture up close.

Monuments to discover

For days filled with history, set off in January to discover Martinique's monuments, museums and remarkable sites.

  • Cap 110 mémoire" memorial in Le Diamant

  • Maison de la Canne in Trois Ilets

  • Neisson distillery in Le Carbet

  • Swiss Canton in Le Morne-Vert

  • Père-Pinchon Museum, Fort de France

  • Fort Saint Louis, Fort de France

The January 2024 cultural agenda in Martinique

Visiting Martinique this month? We've selected for you the cultural events not to be missed this January in Martinique!

  • Carnaval 2024: It's on! Carnival parades kick off in January. Discover the dates and highlights of Carnaval 2024 (link page)

  • MIGAN DES ARTS 2nd edition: On the road to the South, you're bound to stop off at Le Diamant. Stop off at the Hôtel Diamant les Bains to admire the works of artist PRISCA TOULON MARIE-CLAIRE. January 13 to 26

  • Popot Kannaval exhibition: Discover more than 250 dolls dressed in traditional and original outfits inspired by Martinique Carnival, on display at the Centre Culturel du Bourg in Lamentin. January 11 to February 19, 2024

  • Exhibition "Révélation : Art Contemporain du Bénin" : From Martinique to Benin, there's only one step! Immerse yourself in a selection of works by contemporary artists from Benin at the Fondation Clément. From December 15, 2023 to March 31, 2024

  • Kalalou: des plantes & des Hommes" exhibition: immerse yourself in the Amazon rainforest, and discover the relationship between local populations and nature through magnificent photographs. Eating, believing, gathering, cultivating or healing: all the uses of plants are highlighted in an artistic and visual way. An exhibition to please the whole family! Until January 31, 2024 at Habitation Saint-Etienne

In-season fruit and vegetables in January

In January, enjoy the best tropical fruits and vegetables in season in Martinique!

  • Pineapple

  • Country apricots

  • Caimite

  • Tamarind

  • Chadèque

  • Plum of Kythera

  • Cinnamon apple

  • Papaya

  • Breadfruit

  • Pigeon peas

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Epiphany in Martinique

A Christian feast celebrated in France on the Sunday between January 2 and 8, Epiphany takes on a special color in Martinique. This highlight of Christian liturgy traditionally marks the end of the Christmas season. It corresponds to the day when the Three Wise Men brought gifts to Jesus Christ. In Martinique in January, discover the local Epiphany!

Taste the local variations of the Galette des Rois

Young and old alike look forward to it... We're talking about the Galette des Rois! In Martinique, it comes in a variety of local flavors: sweet potato, coconut, giraumon, traditional dry galette... A real treat! Visit Martinique's churches During the festive season and right up to Epiphany, Martinique's churches are decked out in their finest interior decorations. This is an opportunity to visit the interiors of these religious monuments, many of which are listed.


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Book your rental car

Booking a rental car in Martinique is essential for exploring Martinique. It's the best mobility option for discovering the attractions of this beautiful French Caribbean island, and making the most of your stay. Our tip: in January, the tourist season is in full swing in Martinique! Anticipate your stay and book in advance to take advantage of the best prices, and a wider choice of available vehicle models. Among our vehicles for rent


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