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Martinique in July: let the vacations begin!


© Credit source : Canva

Traveling to Martinique in July means experiencing the Caribbean summer at its peak. In July, Martinique is in the low tourist season and offers an ideal getaway at affordable prices. Accommodation, car rental, outings: July allows you to tour Martinique without breaking the bank.

Even better, the festivities abound, delighting July visitors. The highly anticipated "Tour des Yoles Rondes, an unmissable sporting and popular event in Martinique, takes place in July-August.

The Cultural Festival of Fort-de-France, another major highlight, is also an annual and festive celebration not to be missed in July. Concerts, parades, exhibitions, and shows are on the agenda.

In July, Martinique's culinary traditions are also honored through numerous local events, festivals, and village feasts. Among the most remarkable are the "Trempage Show," the "Banana Festival," and the "End of the Sugar Cane Harvest Festival."

What to See and Do in Martinique in July? The Top 5 Activities


© Credit source : Martinique Tour

Reason 1: July is the Month of the Tour des Yoles Rondes of Martinique

When? 📅 Late July - early August (In 2024, the competition takes place exceptionally the week of July 14) Where? 📍 All over Martinique

The Tour des Yoles Rondes is one of the most iconic nautical events in Martinique. It celebrates the tradition of the yoles rondes, typical Martiniquan fishing sailboats. Every year at the end of July, the event gathers crews from all over Martinique for an epic regatta around the island.

The Tour des Yoles Rondes is much more than just a sporting competition; it’s a true sea festival attracting thousands of spectators to admire the show on the water and from the beaches, cliffs, and viewpoints along the coast. The brightly colored yoles, decorated traditionally, compete in agility and speed in Martinique’s waters, offering a spectacular sight to all lucky enough to attend.

Musical performances, local food tastings, and parades enliven the towns along the route, creating a festive and friendly atmosphere reflecting the spirit of Martinique.

This sporting event is a tribute to Martinique's maritime history and culture, where the passion for sailing blends with the joy of living to create a unique experience.

Reason 2: The Cultural Festival of Fort-de-France, Another Highlight of July


© Credit source : Canva

📅 All of July 📍 Fort-de-France

The Cultural Festival of Fort-de-France is an excellent reason to visit Martinique in July.

This annual event has been celebrating Martinique's rich culture for over 50 years, showcasing local, Caribbean, and international artistic expressions. Visitors can enjoy concerts, traditional costume parades, art exhibitions, cooking demonstrations, as well as dance and theater performances.

July provides a unique opportunity to discover Martinique's cultural diversity and celebrate its artistic heritage in a festive and friendly atmosphere.

Reason 3: Numerous Festivities on the Program in Martinique in July


© Crédit source : RCI

In July, Martinique is abuzz with many festivals and cultural celebrations, offering visitors a full immersion into Antillean culture.

Cultural and culinary events such as the Banana Festival in Sainte-Marie, the Fish Festival in Carbet, and the Trempage Show in Trinité highlight the island's gastronomic heritage. For those who love to party, July is full of options with many village fêtes planned across Martinique.

🐟 The Fish Festival in Carbet

📅 Week of July 14 📍 Carbet

Held every July in Le Carbet, a commune in the north of Martinique, the Fish Festival is an emblematic event that showcases the island's rich maritime and culinary culture. Every year, the event attracts locals and visitors from all over the world to celebrate local fishing and enjoy delicious dishes based on fresh fish, such as “Fish Blaff.”

The “Fish Blaff” is a traditional West Indian recipe, based on fish that has been expertly marinated and cooked in a court-bouillon.

During the Fish Festival, local fishermen proudly display their catch of the day. Visitors have the opportunity to admire the diversity of the region's marine species and discover traditional fishing techniques.

Beyond the tasting, the Fish Festival is also an opportunity to discover local crafts, with stands selling handicrafts and souvenirs typical of Martinique. An excellent reason to visit Le Carbet in July!


© Credit source : Martinique Tour

Trempage Show in Trinité

📅 First Sunday of July 📍 Trinité

The Trempage Show in Trinité is a popular festive culinary event held in the commune of Trinité, Martinique.

The event features a typical Martinique speciality, “le trempage”. Made with bread and cod court-bouillon, topped with avocado, it is served on banana leaves and eaten with the fingers, without cutlery.

It also comes in a number of seafood and chicken variants. Many other local specialities and musical entertainment are on offer during this July highlight!

The Banana Festival in Sainte-Marie

📅 July 📍 Sainte-Marie

Every year in July, the Banana Festival is held at the banana museum in Sainte-Marie. Hundreds of visitors flock to this event to celebrate the culture and flavors associated with bananas. Numerous stands offer banana specialities in a variety of forms: traditional dishes, desserts, juices and cocktails with or without alcohol.

Cultural activities, culinary demonstrations, competitions and musical performances are also part of the Banana Festival program. It's an opportunity to discover and appreciate the island's culinary richness while honoring this emblematic fruit.

The End of the Sugar Cane Harvest Festival in Sainte-Marie

📅 July 📍 Sainte-Marie

The End of the Sugar Cane Harvest Festival in Sainte-Marie is a not-to-be-missed event in Martinique, for all gourmets and spirit lovers. The end of the sugar cane harvest season in Martinique.

On the program: parades, dances, demonstrations of sugarcane-related crafts, as well as numerous stands selling sugarcane products.

💃 The Ladies Break Festival

📅 July 7 📍 François

The Ladies Break Festival is a festive event designed for women and by women. The festival is a space dedicated to meeting, sharing and relaxing, entirely focused on the female experience in a festive setting.

By bringing together women from Martinique, the Ladies Break Festival offers a unique opportunity to connect, exchange and have fun together. Whether through artistic performances, inspiring discussions or fun activities, the aim is to celebrate femininity in all its diversity.

🎉 Numerous Village Feasts

📅 All of July 📍 Throughout Martinique

July is one of the best months of the year to enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of Martinican's village feasts. Numerous village feasts are scheduled in July. This is your chance to share in the warmth and authenticity of the local atmosphere.

Liste des fêtes patronales de juillet

  • July 2: Anses d'Arlet

  • July 15: Gros Morne

  • July 21: Saint-Pierre

  • July 25: Carbet

  • July 26: Macouba

  • July 27: Sainte-Anne

🛶 Reason 4: Nature or Culture, Sport or Relaxation: Martinique in July Has It All

Whether you're passionate about Martinique's culture, a water sports enthusiast or a nature lover, sporty or contemplative, you'll find a wide variety of exciting experiences in July.

Here are just a few of our July favorites:

  • Boat excursions: Ideal for exploring neighboring islands, meeting cetaceans or dolphins, or taking a cruise along Martinique's coastline.

  • Hiking: Explore Martinique's hiking trails to admire waterfalls, breathtaking panoramas and exotic flora.

  • Cultural visits: Discover the island's history and culture through historic sites such as the town of Saint-Pierre, the former capital destroyed by the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902, or the Musée de la Pagerie, former birthplace of Joséphine de Beauharnais.

📉 Reason 5: Enjoy Low-Season Prices in July

In July, Martinique is in the low tourist season. Hotels, tourist accommodation, car rentals, boat trips and activities: everything is available at attractive prices. With fewer tourists in July, it's also the perfect opportunity to relax on the beaches, explore the seabed and enjoy the island's enchanting setting without the crowds.

The July Weather in Martinique

In July, Martinique typically enjoys warm and sunny weather, characteristic of the Caribbean summer months.

🌡️ What’s the Temperature Like in Martinique in July?

Average temperatures in July range from 25°C to 30°C during the day. Nights can be slightly cooler, generally staying around 22°C to 25°C.

🌧️ Rainfall in Martinique in July

Due to its tropical climate, humidity remains high in Martinique in July. Visitors should expect some humidity, especially during the hottest parts of the day.

🌊 Sea Temperature in Martinique in July

The sea temperature is usually very pleasant, making it perfect for swimming.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables in July in Martinique


© Credit source : Le Bon Guide

In July, Martinique is abundant with local fruits and vegetables. Discover the emblematic fruits of July like prunes mombin and massissi.

🍉 Seasonal Fruits in July in Martinique

  • Prune Mombin: Also known as jocote, it’s oval to round and varies in color from yellow to red depending on its ripeness.

  • Watermelon: Sweet, juicy, and sun-drenched, it needs no introduction.

🥒 Seasonal Vegetables in July

  • Okra: Known for its unique mucilaginous texture when cooked and its subtle flavor similar to eggplant.

  • Sweet Potato: Its color varies from white to yellow, orange, and purple. Rich in nutrients, especially vitamins A and C, fiber, and antioxidants.

  • Massissi: Also called “Antillean cucumber,” it has a sweet, crunchy flavor, slightly different from the regular cucumber.

What to Pack for July in Martinique?

For your July vacation in Martinique, remember to pack the following essentials:

  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from intense UV rays.

  • Eco-friendly sunscreen to protect your skin and the marine ecosystem.

  • A hat to shield you from the sun.

  • Hiking shoes for exploring the island’s trails.

  • Mosquito repellent to protect yourself from insects.


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