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Sliding sport: kayaking

  The kayak is a small boat with two paddles for propulsion and steering of it. This is a sport that invites all of your muscles, you choose your pace.   This ...

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Martinique, a dream destination for the golden age

For some time, Martinique has become a popular destination for retirees. Besides a paradise under the sun, they found a good life, at home, even with better conditions.   ...

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Jet skiing in martinique

Martinique is the place to go for great lovers of sports. Formula that is both practical and original to discover the most beautiful treasures of the coast of the island, this nautical activity ...

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Valentine's day 2016 in martinique

What better way than celebrating Valentine's Day 2016 in the tropical ambience of Martinique?     Get away with your beloved on board your car rental Europcar ...

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Activities in martinique: buggy ride in the banana plantations

Martinique is a tropical destination that has it all. To explore the most beautiful treasures of the island, namely, plantations; why not sign up for a ride in a buggy? This gives you the choice ...

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Nautique base of le vauclin

At the exits of the village of Le Vauclin, along the shoreline on foot or by rental car, you will reach the sailing of Le Vauclin, veritable area of predilection of lovers of the sea and sun

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L'anse dufour: a beach in martinique waiting to be discovered.

In the southwest of Martinique, beach of Anse Dufour will surprise you. At the edge of this expanse of white sand, you can make beautiful diving as the waters of Anse Noire both accessible with ...

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Salsa, bachata and merengue. discovering salsa latin dance in martinique

If zouk has become a traditional dance of Martinique and Guadeloupe, Latin dances like Salsa, Merengue and Bachata are also experiencing a big popularity in the West Indies. If a rental car offers ...

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Air parachuting colibri - dare freefall europcar martinique

Europcar has set up a partnership with ACP (Air Skydiving Colibri) for your enjoyment.   Discover a unique activity in Martinique, Freefall! The feelings it brings are now ...

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The runway paille castle, a dream ride.

Here is a new hike that will explore the southern end of Vauclin at Chateau Paille.   New route ...... Time : 2:30   After parking your rental car in ...

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Transat old sailing to martinique

In January 2015, with your rental car in Martinique, you may have attended the arrival of sailing ships the Transat Classique Panerai?   It's a legendary race for old ...

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The kind surf: a sliding sport in martinique

With its 200 km of coastline, Martinique offers a multitude of sports to practice Windsurf without moderation. The followers of this sport high adrenaline rush will benefit from various bodies ...

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