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Diamond Rock : an admirable rock from the beach

Diamond Rock, Symbol of the island

Diamond Rock, a symbol of the island

The Diamond Rock, located in the south of the island, is a protected natural area that can be observed but not visited.

At 2 km from the coast, this volcanic island of 175 m high is one of the symbols of Martinique. It always attracts many visitors thanks to the splendor of the landscape it offers. The rock owes its name to the brilliant reflections of which its walls are adorned at any time of the day. The rock is now the refuge of many species of birds. One can also find there snakes couresses, typical of Martinique.

Diamond Rock Martinique

Access to this small island is forbidden, but experienced divers come to explore its seabed where the fauna is abundant despite the currents. Its clear waters, underwater caves, faults and corals make it one of the best diving sites on the island. From a historical point of view, Diamond Rock is also interesting. The English forces took possession of the rock to install 5 cannons, in order to control the maritime traffic in the Saint Lucia Channel. The position proved impregnable to the French navy, which failed in its assaults. The English gave the islet the honorary title of warship of His Majesty's Navy and named it HMS (His Majesty's Ship) Diamond Rock.

What to do in Diamond ?

In addition to its rich history, Le Diamant is known for its tourist attractions. There are not only beautiful landscapes and idyllic beaches but also cultural sites that are a must-see.

Le Rocher du Diamant

One cannot talk about the commune of Le Diamant without mentioning the Diamond Rock. This geological feature is a rocky islet of more than 175m high off the coast.

Its name comes from its shape but also from its shiny reflections in places. This rock is both a nature reserve sheltering a rich biodiversity and a fantastic diving spot. From the shore, it offers an exceptional panorama.

A dream beach accessible to all

The beach of Le Diamant, from where you can see this small island, is an idyllic place.

Postcard landscape, where nature always seems to have the upper hand, the change of scenery is guaranteed. Fine sand and transparent water are there.

We advise you to wait for the sunset, to admire a succession of colors in the sky.

Rent your car with Europcar Martinique and add the Pointe du Diamant to your travel diary in Martinique to enjoy a breathtaking view !

The beaches of Le Diamant are among the most beautiful on the island and are worth a visit !

  • L'Anse du Diamant : with its 4 km length, it is the largest beach of Le Diamant and also the most famous. It is a long strip of white sand bordered by coconut trees with a heavenly look.

  • Plage de la Cherry : small and discreet beach located at the entrance of Le Diamant on the Pointe du Marigot. It is relatively uncrowded by the locals.

  • L'Anse Caffard : beach located in the continuity of the Anse du Diamant on nearly 3km. It is not named after the insect, but after a settler who lived nearby.

  • Plage O'Mullane : the most distant and isolated beach from the town of Le Diamant. The water is calm.

Water sports activities

Le Diamant by its location and its particularities allows water sports lovers to indulge their passions :

Let yourself be tempted by all the water activities allowed on the shore.

Hiking in Le Diamant

If you are a hiking enthusiast, you can enjoy a very pleasant hike by going to the heights of Morne Larcher, a peak of volcanic origin near Le Diamant. With its 400 m of altitude, it offers a magnificent view. It is part of the famous "lying woman" of Martinique.

Museums, House and Memorial

Several museums and houses as well as a memorial are to be discovered in Le Diamant and its surroundings. They allow you to understand the place from a cultural and historical point of view.

  • The CAP 110 memorial at Anse Caffard : this monument pays tribute to the sad fate of the slaves who passed through the island. Taking the form of a set of 15 massive white sculptures representing grouped and tired slaves was erected on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in 1998.

  • The Bernard David Diamond Museum : it houses numerous pre-Columbian archaeological pieces and traces the history of Diamond.

  • La Maison du Bagnard : an unusual place to visit, this colorful little house on the side of Morne Larcher is located near Le Diamant in front of the Rock. The Maison du Bagnard was built by Aribot Médard, a former convict, and is open all year round.

  • La Maison du Gaoulé : this private property, which is difficult to access, was built in the 16th century and has distinguished itself in history by becoming the headquarters of a rebellion of sugar planters against the royal authorities in 1717. Unfortunately, it cannot be visited from the inside but you can see it from the outside.

Valuation of Le Diamant

A real jewel of Martinique, Le Diamant is put forward and honored by the population with local initiatives. This is the case of a group of friends, known on Instagram as "Valorisation Martinique" who installed swings and nests in human size on different spots on the island, including Le Diamant.

These installations in free access allow passers-by to take pictures of themselves in an original way while enjoying the beauty of the panorama offered !

To add a playful interest to this initiative, the location of the spot is not disclosed. To find it you have to follow the clues scattered on the Instagram account of the collective.

If you are passing through Le Diamant, let yourself be caught by a game and leave with a wonderful souvenir !


Some information about Le Diamant

  • The population, excluding tourists, of the town is nearly 6000 inhabitants with a density of 204 inhabitants / km ².

  • The city covers an area of 27.34km².

  • Le Diamant is part of the district of Le Marin and the Agglomeration Community of the Southern Space of Martinique

  • The geographical coordinates of the city are: 14° 28' 45° North - 61° 01' 48° West

  • The inhabitants of Le Diamant are the "Diamantinois" and the "Diamantinoises

  • The postal code of Le Diamant is 97 223

Getting to Le Diamant

Le Diamant is located only ten kilometers from the Fort de France airport. The town is easily accessible by road, so it will be convenient for you to rent a car directly upon your arrival in Martinique.

Europcar has an agency in the Aimé Césaire airport.

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