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Diving in Martinique

Where to dive in Martinique ?

To go scuba diving, Martinique offers several areas to indulge in the activity during your stay. They are mainly located on the Caribbean Sea side where the waters are rather calm.

Scuba diving spots to explore the fauna and corals

To discover fishes, turtles, cretaceans and coral reefs, several diving spots are full of surprises. We have selected some for you!

Les Anses d'Arlets

In Anses d'Arlets, two diving spots welcome divers in their clear and calm waters: Anse Dufour and Anse Noire. These are famous diving sites on the island where you can go down to 25 meters deep. You will be able to appreciate turtles, lobsters, schools of sardines... evolving in their natural environment and magnificent corals covering the sea bed.

Anse Fortune

The diving spot of Anse Fortune is located near the Grande Anse, still in Anses d'Arlets. The maximum depth does not exceed 15m. Therefore, it is recommended for novices and first-time divers. Wander between canyons and a small coral plateau and enjoy the underwater fauna: axe fish, toad fish, trumpet fish, sea urchins, etc.

Cape Solomon

Ideal for beginners, the diving spot of Cape Solomon is also located near the Grande Anse. The seabed is located from 3 to 40 meters. The most experienced and courageous divers will go down to appreciate the beauties of the depths: eagle rays, diodons and other turtles may cross your path. Sensations guaranteed.

Solomon's gardens

Consisting of 3 coral plateaus spread on the side of Cape Solomon where you will meet gorgonians, multicolored sponges, angelfish, triggerfish, turtles. Its depths from 3m to 25m will delight both beginners and more experienced divers.

The tip of the whale

Imposing rocky outcrop, the Pointe de la Baleine offers a drop off of almost 30 meters deep ending with a sandy plateau. Dive in its clear waters to observe corals, fish (barracudas, snappers, feathered jacks and many others) and turtles!

Diamond Rock

Le Rocher du Diamant is for some the most beautiful diving spot in Martinique and even in the Caribbean. This volcanic peak culminating at 175m also offers a 40m deep drop-off and a 16m long fault called "cathedral", it crosses the rock from one side to the other: impressive for all divers. In addition to the sumptuous setting, the fauna is particularly rich and abundant. You will find most of the local specimens: parrot fish, emperor fish, barracudas, sponges, soft corals, crustaceans, kingfish, turtles, etc. A must do!

In addition to these diving spots, there are many others: the Citadel, the Submarine, the Pearl, the Cave of Colors, the Lizard, the Dead Tree to name but a few.

Diving spots to visit wrecks

Scuba diving, in addition to allowing you to appreciate the local marine species, is also an excellent way to discover wrecks, some of which are testimonies of Martinique's history.

The Nahoon

The Nahoon is a 3-masted boat of more than 30m long which was sunk voluntarily off the Baleine reef, near Trois-Ilets, in the 90s for divers.

Lying on the white sand at a depth of 35 meters, you are allowed to visit it but only with two people.

Ideally, bring a lamp to observe in detail the colony of corals and colored sponges that have attached themselves to the steel hull of the ship. A multitude of morays, kingfish, barracudas, spider crabs and other lobsters abound for the pleasure of divers. For the more adventurous, diving towards the wreck is also done regularly at night!

The Roraïma

In 1902, on May 8, the terrible explosion of Mount Pelee took place and sent several ships to the bottom.

Among them, the Roraïma, a former steamer of the English navy. More than 100m long and 15m wide, it lies at a depth of 60m a few hundred meters from the coast in the bay of Saint-Pierre.

Buried in the depths of the Caribbean Sea, the wreck has been covered for more than a hundred years with multicolored sponges, barracudas and lizard fish. This spot is a must-see in Martinique as it gives an echo to the history of the island and its natural fauna.

In addition to these two wrecks well known on the island, other wrecks are also to be discovered in the seabed: the Diamond, the Dahlia, the Raisinier or the Lady IV.

How to go diving in Martinique ?

To go diving in Martinique, we advise you to go through the numerous diving clubs of the island. They generally offer services according to the level, from beginner to experienced, the number of sessions to spend underwater and their duration (30min, one hour...).

To do so, you just have to contact them and book your session. They provide the equipment and take you by boat to the different spots.

What is the price for scuba diving in Martinique?

Concerning the prices, they logically vary according to the duration and the season. You can find a 20-minute initiation course for about 60 euros.

To get to the diving clubs scattered on the island, don't hesitate to rent a car in Martinique. It is the easiest and most practical way to get there and back home.

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