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All you need to know about nature in Martinique

Hot springs in Martinique

Martinique is full of hot springs coming from different places on the island. Few of them are still exploited, but all are more or less accessible in different municipalities on the island.

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At the exit of the village of Le Vauclin, by following the coastline on foot or by renting a car, you will reach the nautical base of Le Vauclin, a real favorite area for sea lovers and board sports.

Only present in the tropics, the mangrove constitutes the border between land and sea. This forest develops in areas of calm and shallow water: it is found especially at the bottom of protected bays.

The Mountain of Vauclin, place of pilgrimage and panorama: With its 504 meters of altitude, the Mountain of Vauclin is the highest point of the south of Martinique. Go to the conquest of this panorama impossible to circumvent of the island.

The two pearls of the island are located on the western part of Martinique, these two beaches located on the same cove have the particularity to have two different colors of sand.

The massif of Mount Pelee, the highest point of Martinique with its 1397 meters is located in the north of the island. This volcano is still active: its most violent eruption dates from 1902. It had then completely destroyed the old capital "Saint Pierre" and some surrounding villages. It caused more than 30 000 deaths.

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