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History and Heritage of Martinique

Easter in Martinique

Celebrating Easter in Martinique is an exciting and unique experience. This Caribbean island is a popular place for tourists during this time, due to the warm weather and traditional religious festivities. Be sure to plan a trip to Martinique this year if you want to have a memorable Easter vacation!

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Visiting Martinique in February ? Discover the program of the Carnival 2023 in Martinique! A party not to be missed! Every year, the Martinique carnival attracts more and more tourists. So remember to book your Europcar Martinique rental car several months in advance.

Curry preparations are a must during a gourmet stay in Martinique. Spicy, fragrant and with an exquisite flavor, curry dishes are the most hearty of the local cuisine.

All Saints' Day, or "Feast of All Saints", takes place from November 1 to 2. During this time of year, come and discover how the island meditates. The pain of separation from the loved one will give way to the joyful evocation of the life of the deceased. This is one of the events not to be missed on the island!

If you follow the sports news of Martinique, you have probably already heard of the Tour des Yoles. Otherwise, in a few words, it is a nautical competition taking place, outside the health crisis, every year and which consists of a skiff race around the island for several days. But what is the Martinican skiff? What are its origins, its particularities?

Distilleries are part of Martinique's heritage. You will be able to visit them easily thanks to one of the vehicles offered by Europcar Martinique. There are seven active distilleries in Martinique producing agricultural rum. During your stay, don't miss to visit one of the 5 essential distilleries...

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